Back to School: A Guide to Children's Study Areas

Home study plays a key role in the development of a child and can boost their academic ability. Now that kids are starting to go back at school, it’s a great time to think about creating a study area, which is more than having a beautiful study desk. Having a dedicated place to work has huge benefits. Girls Study Desk A study area helps a child to concentrate and limits distractions. It ensures they are in the right environment to produce the best possible work. Your child will develop the habit of studying in this dedicated area, Doing homework or undertaking studies in a bedroom, at the kitchen table or perched on the sofa has distinct disadvantages.  Creating a study area for kids doesn’t have to be hard work. This guide will help you achieve a comfortable, productive space for your child to learn and develop. How to create a study area If you don’t have a spare room, zone a space to create a dedicated study area. Privacy is vital and limits interruptions. Ensure your colour scheme supports concentration. Consider neutral shades or pastel colours. Cool shades are recommended for older children.  Make sure the temperature in the study area can be regulated, to keep a child comfortable. Too cold or too hot and your child will quickly lose interest. Ensure, the study area is away from TVs and other distractions.  The importance of a study desk and chair A study desk or student’s desk is paramount in a study area. The right choice of chair is also pivotal. Maintaining good posture aids concentration and avoids health problems. Comfort plays a vital role in keeping the mind interested in a topic. The correct study desk or student’s desk and chair will ensure your child has the right amount of back support and good legroom. shared-study-area Keep study desks tidy and ensure your child has everything they need to carry out their work. Use study plans or homework timetables to help them keep on top of homework. Place them where they can easily be seen to encourage your child. Don’t overlook lighting Natural light is always best for a study area. However, in the winter, this is not an option. Therefore, a desk light is highly recommended. This will prevent a child from straining their eyes and ensure they can fully take in any information they have to read. It will also limit the risk of errors.  Study areas in nurseries Alphabet-Zoo-Wallpaper It is never too early to help your child learn to study. That is why more and more parents are investing in craft tables and toddler chairs. Used in designated play areas, they help a child to develop concentration skills. In addition, why not use educative wallpaper or art in your nursery such as world map, the alphabet, and numbers to get started early? toddler-craft-table-and-chair Want to know more? We are the preferred choice for luxury nursery and children's furniture for discerning parents (and fussy children.) We are commitment to  quality and safety means that you can shop with confidence as our pieces are individually crafted just for you. The reason our clients recommend our stunning furniture and interiors is because they are both practical and stylish. We also offer a bespoke furniture service. For more information visit or call +44 203 371 7530. You can also pop into our London boutique at 408 Kings Road, Chelsea SW10 0LJ
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