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[caption id="attachment_1341" align="alignleft" width="323"]Toks Aruoture Toks Aruoture[/caption]   So I decided to come out from behind The Baby Cot Shop veil (or canopy) to share about my life and loves. As a baby and child interior designer, my passion is creating inspiring spaces that encourage little ones' imagination to flourish. I'm a mum of 4, married to a wonderful man (making me a mum of 5, technically) and the senior interior designer at The Baby Cot Shop. Through this section of the blog you will get a peek into my crazy-fun life and hopefully join me in my hunt for design inspiration which I get from every day occurrences. I am stimulated by creative excellence; watching an instrumentalist interpret the lyrics of a song without using words, or an artist translate his imagination onto canvas. I will be sharing the delights that tickle my senses and do hope you will be inspired. My favourite design style at the moment is Art Deco. I love the Art Deco movement because of the willingness of society to embrace industrialisation at the time, as well as the predictability of the design style which is characterised by geometric lines, symmetry and rich colours. I think this style of design is aptly represented in our top selling zig zag cot bedding collection, the zig zag fabric is currently being used on the set of Fashion Police, E! If my life had a soundtrack it would be contemporary Jazz; if it had a flavour it'll be bergamot- Earl grey tea anyone? If it had a colour scheme it'll be burgundy when I'm upbeat and mint green when I'm pensive. On the subject of colour, I have a fascination with colour psychology. I am intrigued by how colour affects mood and emotions and use it to my advantage when designing nurseries, playrooms or children's bedrooms. For instance did you know that too much dark blue in your colour scheme can leave you feeling broody, while too much red can increase hyperactivity in children? Interesting right? I would love to connect with you so please feel free to leave comments or questions below, or send me an email. Thank you for flying with me!  
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