A nursery for Harper Seven?

Word is Harper's nursery is done in a Shabby Chic design style. What exactly is Shabby chic? The answer is pretty much in the name. Chic, elegant, sophisticated but not so classy that you won't feel comfortable in. [caption id="attachment_370" align="alignleft" width="420" caption="Shabby Chic Nursery"]Shabby Chic Nursery[/caption] A Shabby chic nursery is elegant and stylish but looks lived-in. It is clean, fresh and comfortable all year round. Think cottage style living, think casual yet stylish.   Walls. White represents freshness and cleanliness and light painted walls is a key feature in a Shabby Chic nursery. Go for pastels like pale blue, pinks and greens. To  make the walls more interesting, a paint effect like alternating bold stripes of matt and satin paint in the same colour will look elegant but casual. Remember to choose paints with low or no V.O.C; these have no odour and are safer for you and baby than the standard paints. Fabrics Almost certainly a shabby chic nursery will have vintage floral bedding and furnishings mixed with stripes. Think Pink flowers with green leaves on a cream or white background. Coordinating fabrics will be in soft pastels with one colour repeated through all the fabric. In the bedding shown in our picture, we would use a big stripe fabric in light green or pink as a roman blind, with white sheer curtains over the blind. Shabby chic style is simple and practical so there isn't a need for heavy drapes. This is not to say you cannot have a Shabby Chic nursery for a boy. Simply opt for stars or checks in the place of florals. We love vichy! Nursery Furniture Choose white or pale coloured furniture for your baby's nursery. Painted wood or metal will do. Some nursery furniture comes gently rubbed or distressed effect to look like it has been reclaimed. Click here for similar iron cot. Your nursery chair ideally will be slip covered, over-stuffed and comfortable. Again this can be in a heavy white fabric, we suggest textured to give it more interest. Upholstered nursery gliders with a throw casually draped over it will give you a similar effect. Floor Wood floors are preferred but we suggest a rug for comfort and texture. The finishing touch Add something quirky. The idea behind Shabby Chic is to create a casual comfortable space using elements that you love. Do you have an antique picture frame? Or an old worn trunk that's been in the family for years? Add something quirky that you love and your nursery is ready. Welcome home baby!    
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