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[caption id="attachment_73" align="aligncenter" width="736" caption="Fairy Princess Wall Mural, £29.99"]Fairy Princess Wall Mural, £29.99[/caption] In between major decorating projects, you can change your child's room in a jiffy- really! At Punkin Patch Interiors you will find wall murals that bring the room alive with in vibrant themes and colours that stimulate. The Fairy Princess Wall mural is a favorite amongst little girls, transporting your daughter into a world of make-believe. Pull out a soft pastel colour from the mural and select bedding and curtains in that color and voila! You have a new bedroom. Our pastel ginghams work well with this. Most of our bedding come with made-to-order coordinating curtains or window treatments.
Our wall murals include themes like Dinosaur, Deep Blue Sea, Football and more. Our wall mural service is for the dicserning eye looking for something extra. This is where your theme is created just for
you with your ideas. Contact us to request this service.
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