Thankful for a Messy Kitchen

Having a sizeable family is one thing, having a sizeable family of guys is quite another. Yes, it is fun and you feel loved and protected and are blessed with oodles of cuddles, but it can also leave you with a craving for eerie quietness. Last night, Jason and the boys went to the barber's. That's always a treat for me especially when it falls on a Friday evening. I start to plan my me-time the moment I hear him booking an appointment with Eli, the barber. At this early stage, my heart leaps with joy as I peek into the future and feel genuinely happy for myself. As soon as the last of them kisses me goodbye and the front door is firmly shut, the walls become mute. The floor stops its  usual thumping sound and even the staircase respects the call to silence and halts it's raucous noise. I dedicate the first 20 minutes to sprucing up the house. Then I sit still in the living room and I breathe in the stillness. I walk from room to room taking in their personalities which remain behind after they've gone. I can't believe my good fortune of having my home all to myself! A bonus will be them all stopping at J's best friend's house on the way back home thereby extending the time Toks remains in nirvana. Saturday morning will have me up nice and early before anyone else awakes to sit in my sparklingly clean kitchen with my first cuppa, journaling and meditating. I choose this spot because the kitchen gets the most light, an entire wall is dedicated almost entirely to glass and I have no curtains or blinds obstructing the light; the only thing in my line of vision is the garden, which is lush and green, with sprinkles of rich fuchsia.
This morning I encountered that captivating view, but it was soured by the kitchen's messiness. There were dinner plates and cups on the island, and on the table were half-finished homework papers and dog-eared books. I even stepped on a transformer toy and every parent knows of the swift pain that accompanies that misfortune; it can bring you to the very brink of tears. Normally my attention would be turned to the irritation slowly creeping in, but today was different. Rather than see the mess and the untidiness, I saw the hands that held that plate, the mouth that drank from that cup, and the little foot that kicked that toy to the middle of the kitchen floor. I saw the blessings of an active, healthy family. And I was thankful. Starting to see things from a different vantage point has given me a new lease on life and I think it's because I've been clearing the clutter from my life. There is more room in my mind to think, savour and enjoy life where previously I crammed in so much. I used to think every spare moment had to be accounted for being a busy mum of 4, business woman and a writer. And lets us not even delve into the many hats women wear. Nowadays I'm starting to see that love is in the details. There is so much beauty that surrounds us, but we tend to focus on the ugly. Ugly is loud and rudely announces its presence. Beauty, on the other hand, is quiet, demure and loves to give, she waits patiently to be discovered. I encourage you to clear out the clutter in your life. I wrote about the joy of the decluttered mind on Angie Greaves' feeling fab website, read about it here and enjoy rediscovering the beauty that surrounds you. Here's to a truly beautiful life!
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