In Search of a Really Good Journal

writingI love to write. I also love beautiful things. And I have a healthy obsession with paper. So going on a hunt for a beautiful journal to write my thoughts on paper marries all three of these infatuations. I think its a good sign when I need a new journal at the start of a new year- this welcoming ambience is where I find myself today. I prefer journals that are covered in fabric, as fabric covers tend to blend beauty with texture.

[caption id="attachment_1377" align="aligncenter" width="255"]Pappilion, WH Smith Pappilion, WH Smith[/caption] I found this one in WH Smith which feels good and is very pretty. It has this nostalgic effect- which is normally not a bad thing, but as it's the start of the new year I feel the need to go for something 'forward looking'. I'm not an eclectic so a design pot-pourri of  birds, piano and script fonts don't rock my boat. At least not today. The Papillion is part of a range that includes ring binders and pencil cases. Jossete, Laura Ashley
This one by Laura Ashley I totally love! I love the mauve colour, the fabric feel and the damask design. I also simply adore the ribbons. But I prefer it lined against plain white or cream and not heavily patterned considering my journalling sessions really are mind-decluttering sessions. I'm trying to clear my head and not add more by way of patterns to it. Coordinating items include a storage box. Moleskin   Bridle Leather Journal, Aspinal
I wouldn't ordinarily use moleskin for personal purposes; it is smart, serious and efficient- think organised individual or ambitious student. I have to say though that this rich-purple one got my attention. I think journals should have room for creativity for those down in the dumps days, so some artwork or at least the beginnings of some art giving you room to complete the picture would be nice on the front cover. This lack of room for creativity also applies leather journals, like this one from Aspinal of London. Ok I'm wrong, Aspinal's leather journal is in a class all by itself, but not quite me. It's for someone who is done with all things arty, and now wants to share their wise words with the world. Great for writing biographies.     I have a weakness for Paperchase. Perhaps it's the name, perhaps it's the script logo- I'm a font fanatic- but most likely it is the selection of gorgeous paper-everything they sell. I suffered from wrapping-paper envy over Christmas as I came across forward thinking folks who were smart enough to buy their wrapping paper and ribbons from them. I've put that experience firmly behind me and will rectify it come Christmas 2014! [caption id="attachment_1355" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Elephant Beaded Notepad, Paperchase Elephant Beaded Notepad, Paperchase[/caption] The Indian Elephant is prevalent in tales and myths and is always so richly decorated. This might just be 'the one'. There is something extra special about handmade items, hence our obsession with handmade furniture. When an Item is made by hand you are not only getting a beautiful piece displaying the craftsman's talent, you are getting their love as well. Craftsmen typically love what they do and every item is a labour of love for them. I could do with the feel of the silk covering and the rich warm colours as I pause to gather my thoughts halfway through an epistle. Did I mention texture earlier? The beads give it texture and another dimension.     [caption id="attachment_1356" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Felt notebooks Felt notebooks, Paperchase[/caption] Then there are these felt notebooks! Ahhhh! Adorable. I love the cute owl!!! But I can't use it because it isn't lined!  Argh!! I might get it still just for sketches.     [caption id="attachment_1383" align="aligncenter" width="378"]Personalised Notebook, Pipany Personalised Notebook, Pipany[/caption] Just in the nick of time I discovered Pipany. Pipany ticks almost all the boxes for me because it is Made in Britain, made by hand- with love and passion, and is personalised too! I love that the cover can be removed and a new notebook inserted.  I haven't seen it in person (yet) but can just imagine what the paper feels like. Now the pages are plain, but who cares since the cover is removable? Have you come across any really cute ones I missed out on? Do share! What's your guilty pleasure?
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