In Search of the Perfect Coffee Table

I haven't had a coffee table in years because I just knew every one of my toddler at one stage or another would run, left eye first into the corner and we would end up in A&E and  2 years later when his brother became a toddler the same thing would happen. Knowing my luck, it will of course be the same paediatrician that'll attend to us. My sole purpose of living would then be to convince the whole world that I was a good mother.

Ok, a bit melodramatic but it's something like that. Now that they're all big boys I have started to shop for a coffee table. This time not just as a practical item but also as a stylish sitting room accessory. A coffee table takes up a sizeable amount of space, so you want to measure how much space you have with the chairs in place before going shopping. As a guide, allow about 45cm between the edge of the sofa and the table to ensure there is enough leg room, yet guests don't have to lean across during conversations.

Old Industrial Table

Industrial Coffee Table

I saw this in an old church building sometime last year and have since seen various replicas of it. The large wheels in painted black cast iron adds to its charm, it looks like it got its inspiration from wagons or market stalls of bygone years. I love the natural wood- I admire anything still in its natural state. In addition, this a practical option for a family home as spills almost add to its charm and character. A good choice for a traditional, family home that wants to remain stylish. have a version of their own here   The Artistic table [caption id="attachment_1874" align="aligncenter" width="425"]family-cofee-tables Sequoia Cofee Table, Harrods £2849[/caption] This is a table that thinks it lives in the gallery. If you are ultra stylish and stimulated by art and the finer things in life, check out Harrods furniture department. I love the way the department is sectioned out into themes like classic, modern, contemporary, etc. You literally feel like you're stepping into a different era with each one. The Sequoia Cofee table is hewn out of an actual sequoia tree. The ultimate for nature lovers. It has a stainless steel base which kind of spoils it for me, but you must agree it will add luxury and style to your home.    The Practical Table [caption id="attachment_1876" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Stylish-family-storage Stylish Family Storage[/caption] Every parent knows the necessary evil of coloured pencils and their partners in crime, they end up everywhere. A coffee table that allows you to store them out of sight if the doorbell goes unexpectedly is a must.  I love this storage cofee table from Laura Ashley. You almost don't need any other storage in the living room with this. It is definitely a space saver and very practical for families too.  Stylish Glass Table [caption id="attachment_1873" align="aligncenter" width="414"]interior-design-for-families Triffoglio Cofee Table, OKA £1150[/caption] From Oka comes this stylish table which is great for small spaces. The glass allows light through and the fretwork which is elaborate yet simple also gives a feeling of space. There are coordinating side tables as well. The glass top is toughened, so it's safe for families. What will go on my table: My coffee table books- one of them is by one of my favourite Interior Designer turned Dragon, Kelly Hoppen A small bamboo plant in an aqua pot to go with my rug, two coasters- made at the Painted Pottery by yours truly, and a small bowl of pot pouri drizzled with calming oil from Neal's Yard Remedies. I recently got into Neals yard when a strong-headed migraine (pun intended) refused to beat it. I highly recommend their calming oil. What have you got on your coffee table? I'd love to know!            
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