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Where do you go to find a unique housewarming gift for someone special? With more people moving house and buying new homes, demand for good quality housewarming gifts is also on the rise. A greeting card and department store vouchers are nice, but what if you really, really love the recipient? I went in search of housewarming gifts for that special person. The White Company

This is one of my favourite stores. I remember many years ago when I first saw their catalogue inside a home magazine, and then they moved on to their online store and now have several stores in the UK and beyond of which will be sacrilege to walk on by and not go in for a lengthy browse. Chrissie Rucker's story is an inspiring business one. On the subject of their products, their candles have got to be the most sense arousing concoction in a jar, the Seychelles fragrance didn't rack up 889 reviews for nothing. This is how they describe this heavenly scent; ''Evoking the balmy breeze of an Indian Ocean island, soothing Seychelles combines notes of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond''.

I'll let you be the judge.

whitecompanySeychelles, The White Company  


Along with wider knowledge of the role food plays in our bodies, we are taking better control of what we eat. I recently took control in the bakery department of my home, specifically bread making and I feel like an almost Martha Stewart. Not quite, but almost. We haven't had store-bought bread in months and I cannot imagine going back there. I will not spoil your appetite by sharing what I thought I found in the last loaf I bought. I digress. This is the effect Lakeland has on me; I walk around convinced my childhood is stuck somewhere in there, on a shelf sandwiched between two ice cream bowls, one lime green and the other pastel pink. I think if Lakeland had featured in my childhood, I would have had an even more magical life, perhaps I'd have been a fairy. Aside from ice cream bowls and missing childhoods, they stock this Moroccan tagine which does not need to blend in with existing tableware, it needs to stand out. I must confess I have never used a tagine but as I read up on it, I strayed to this recipe and then strayed to the shops to pick up ingredients for what will be tomorrow's dinner.  In the meantime, I will attempt to forgive myself for denying my family good Moroccan meals and serving them couscous without Moroccan lamb tangine cooked slowly to perfection.

lakeland-logo2 Tangine, Lakeland   Carluccio's  Okay, I'm a bit biased because Antonio Carluccio just happens to be one of my favourite people in the world! If you can't decide on one of their neatly packaged gift sets that would make the recipient feel like a Masterchef winner and you well, kitchen deity, grab some gift vouchers. Carluccio's vouchers can be used in their restaurants for food, as well as for the purchase of their food items like oils and vinegar.  Did I mention they'll be opening a Carluccio near me? Oh yes, they are! carluccios-logo Carluccio's Three Oils  

Kelly Hoppen has a section on her website dedicated to Home Jewelry. She couldn't have assigned a better name for that category. You will have to really, really love the recipient to give away one of these large coral antlers. Displayed on your coffee table next to a mother of pearl picture frame or along with some seashells to continue the seaside theme. love the fact that it is inspired by nature, and it is neutral which means any home will love it and it makes a great housewarming gift. I like, very much. This one's a keeper.

kelly-hoppen-logoKelly Hoppen Resin Coral   Have you found any must-have gifts for the home?
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