Bad day? Try This!

[caption id="attachment_1426" align="aligncenter" width="500"]The gratitude journal The gratitude journal[/caption] We all have bad days. Days when the world seems bent on disagreeing with us. Like it is annoyed we even woke up. How do you get through yours? When coffee fails to pick me up, I remember a little secret I learned last year called Gratitude. I discovered that stopping to count all the things I'm thankful for really does lift my spirits, often to fully functioning levels again. It certainly beats listing all the things that are not going right. I decided to take this discovery a step further and write one gratitude everyday in this pretty 'journalette' given to me on my birthday, by my dear friend Schola. I love the vintage brooch set against the padded bronze cover. The pages are in a rich cream colour and their edges finished in gold; the dinky little thing is held together with an organza, chocolate coloured ribbon. To top it all it is a perfect square and the perfect size. When I received it I had no idea what it was 'perfect' for, but I knew it was. I thought I'd be better off learning how to write poetry just so I can fill its worthy pages with sentimental, poetic words. The most recent poem I read is Dante's Divine Comedy (Divina Commedia). I agree that a hellish tale about death and purgatory it isn't exactly a serenade for Valentine's day, but hey, it is written in the amorous language of the Italians. And yes, I know that still doesn't count. So I'll stop arguing. Anyway I decided to use it as a gratitude journal and the rewards have started pouring in, It works better than red bull! In addition to being a mood picker-upper, it has also succeeded in giving me inspiration in my work. There are moments when try as I may I simply can't get the inspiration I need to create a fabulous design, there's a stubborn disconnect between my head and the notepad or computer. I have found that being thankful or counting my blessings has a way of closing that gap. A friend is keeping hers on little strips of paper and storing them in a jar, you may have several friends doing the same. I think I'll get the boys to start this new ritual. It may help soothe their pain when I turn them down after a request for yet another whatever-they feel-like-asking-for. [caption id="attachment_1428" align="aligncenter" width="373"]Gratitude jar Gratitude jar[/caption]   I also came across some pre-printed gratitude cards for sale which I'm not too keen on. I believe gratitude only works when it's from the heart and not when you're being told to be, do you agree? So one 'fineless' day, when life decides to keep a grudge with you, and it is so bad that you can't even find one thing to be thankful for, grab your string of gratitudes, let's call it the g-string, and read through them. It'll be sure to lift your spirits! Last night my gratitude read: ''I am so thankful to you for being a friend, you helped pull my head out of the sand yesterday'' What do you do when things are not going your way? I'd love to read your tips!
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