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There is something perfectly beautiful about  imperfection in creativity. I see creativity as always imperfect, because perfection needs to be measured against an existing standard, but creativity lives only in the mind of the artist, yet it has the incredible ability to inspire us that stand outside. I love music- who doesn't? It helps me 'find my center'. Thanks to Spotify and iTunes I have various playlists saved so they are easily accessible in an emergency. Currently I'm listening to John Legend's All of Me. I love the simplicity of the entire song, it is acapella with the most gentle piano keys in the background. And my favourite part of the song is where he says your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections and the bit before the chorus- my head's under water but I'm breathing fine. How deeply poetic!
There are songs I listen to when inspiration eludes me.  I have those that help bring me down to earth when I'm so excited (or stressed) that I can't settle down long enough to do any sensible work, I also have certain favourite tunes that take me back in time. I'd love to share some songs from my playlists with you. Inspire Me I get my inspiration from smooth jazz or classical music. This also works when I'm going on a long drive with the boys, I find that it prevents squabbling and consequently the loss of maternal sanity. One of my favourites is Hyde Park by Jeff Kashiwa. It is also called the ah ooh song, have a listen to find out why.

I recently discovered Vandell Andrew on twitter, his new album has some pretty chilled out tunes, including this one that wakes you up, keeps you going all day and helps you sleep if you can't!


Flowers When I'm in a good place, i.e I am focused, the ideas are coming but I'm in danger of losing my mojo, I put on some soft rock or music! That's the influence living in the south of the USA has had on me, it gets you. I don't care how resilient you are, a few weeks in Georgia will have you bopping to songs by guys like Steve Holy who sang the hilarious but decidedly authentic I've got a brand new girlfriend. This is where he compares his  previous sophisticated ex-girlfriend to his current rugged one that drinks beer and loves sports. I digress. Jack Johnson is so cute he seems blissfully unaware of the fact, but that's not why I love his songs. It's the easy listening, there's no difficult interpretation of lyrics, no straining to make out the words either. Just simple, cohesive music that literally carries you through.
Wake Up After a large project has been completed and I wake up relieved  that clients are happy, staff  happy too, I break into a dance (all by myself) and listen to Million Dollar Bill by Whitney Houston or Love on Top by Beyonce. These, amongst others have refused to be worn out by me, you know when you purchase a new song you just love and you play it till you hate it? It hasn't happened with my 'Wake Up' playlist yet!
  Nostalgia And when I'm feeling nostalgic, either brought on because I saw a dress with a print that reminded me of my mum in the 80s, or I saw a piece of furniture like our Kennedy Nursery Furniture Collection that took me back to our sitting room, in 1983, our coffee table and side tables had the same neoclassical style tapered legs. I think about Michael Jackson's thriller, The Love Boat and Dynasty. This playlist is the longest of them all, here is one of my favourites by Earth Wind & Fire, which technically was released in '79 but back then the hit season was way more than a mere 1 month. So 80s it is. Enjoy!

  All songs available via iTunes! What do you do for inspiration? Please share!    
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