Why Should You Choose Bespoke Furniture for Your Nursery?

Have you seen your dream cot online, but it’s not available in the UK? This is a common problem many expectant patents run into due to picture sourcing sites like Pinterest and Houzz. It’s not unusual to fall in love with a few designs like the below from RH Baby and Child, only to find it unavailable in the UK. But we can help!

Many of our clients find that some of the most delightful baby furniture designs are found in the USA or Australia, but they meet a number of obstacles, even if the foreign retailer is willing to ship to the UK. A common hiccup is high cost of shipping and import taxes, plus the risk of damage during transit. Then begins the problem of identifying where the damage happened and who should take responsibility for it.

RH Baby and Child Nursery Room

This is just one of several reasons expectant parents come to The Baby Cot Shop requesting a bespoke cot bed they've seen abroad. Not yet convinced? Here are some more benefits of choosing a made-to-order cot for your little one…


The size in itself does not pose a huge problem, but the challenges arise when it comes to obtaining a mattress. Standard UK mattress may not fit, so you will need to either purchase a mattress from the retailer or require a bespoke baby mattress. This opens a can of worms as you will always require bespoke baby bedding or will have to buy your linens from the same country you purchased the cot from; not helpful if you need emergency fitted sheets! You can also buy the mattress abroad, which will add to the shipping cost. In addition, should you wish to pass on the cot or resell it, the new owner will have to purchase mattress and sheets abroad too.

When we commission a bespoke cot bed, we produce them to your specifications, so it fits your space and style. We do not copy designs as we respect the creativity of artists, but we can use your examples as a starting point.


Can you guarantee the quality? Many companies at home and abroad mass produce their baby furniture in factories, which can lead to questionable quality. A custom-made cot means that you have a piece that is made with complete attention to detail. Our furniture is checked during each stage of production by our team to ensure it meets our high standards and the design brief.

Hand-carved Cot at The Baby Cot Shop


Choosing Bespoke means that you can choose your own finish instead of relying on standard colours. This allows you to personalise your baby's furniture by incorporating carved family crests, hand painted art or your little one’s name. In addition, your elegant nursery room will be in harmony with the rest of your home!


Safety requirements are stringent in the UK, and in other countries like America, but we can't vouch for every country in the world. Considerations such as toxicity in the paint, along with gaps in the side rails are just two common issues that may show up. Our team of designers will manage the technical and safety aspects, so you don't have to worry about meeting safety standards; we work to the current BS EN 716-1:2017 regulations.

Made to order pieces will cost a bit more as drawings and specifications to scale have to be made. But many parents have found that it is worth the investment. Because our nursery furniture is made to order, we are well-versed with individuality. This gives us the freedom and flexibility to produce exactly what you have requested.

The process normally takes 8 to 10 weeks from the time of order to the furniture arriving to complete your magical nursery.

Are you ready to start the process of creating your dream nursery furniture? Get in touch with us now to start creating your dream nursery furniture…

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