Your Postpartum Body, What to Expect After Childbirth?

When you find out you’re expecting you’ll be filled will all sorts of feelings: joy, trepidation, excitement, you name it you will experience it. As your bump grows and your maternity wardrobe expands you get used to showing the signs of your imminent new arrival to the world. There’s no pressure on the way you look, and the whole world smiles every time you step out the door. But what happens to the way you see yourself in the postpartum period?

Change and Renewal 

postpartum body

The postpartum period is something that’s not often discussed in detail in pregnancy books. Everything builds up to the birth, and then many mums feel a pressure to instantly return to an Instagram look that’s just not realistic. It’s easy to sit here and say not to worry about these kinds of pressures, but that’s half the problem. 

As a new mum, you have so many things to do. Your little one will be the centre of your world from now on. You’re also recovering from one of the most amazing things the human body can endure, and you’re doing it all whilst learning to breastfeed and cope with the sleepless nights. It’s about accepting that your bump won’t instantly disappear and that that’s something to be embraced. 

Be Proud of Your Bump Be Proud of Your Bump 

Meghan Postpartum Body
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex share their first public moment as a family.

The celebrity world is full of stories of women who went on drastic diets to lose the remnants of their bump the moment they gave birth. A stylish nursery and a comfortable nursing chair apparently weren’t enough for these women. But you don’t have to follow suit if you don’t want to. 

New mums don’t come any more glamorous than Meghan and Kate. Two women who take pride in their bumps before and after birth. Being a mum is about putting your little one before everything else, and about loving your new role in life. It’s about enjoying every moment of it. And not letting superficial things get in the way of what matters more in the world than anything ever can. 

Positive Steps 

The most amazing gift in life is to be a mum, and nothing compares to those first few months where your little one transforms before your very eyes. These are moments to be treasured forever, and everything else can wait for another day. Let your body heal the natural way. You’ll have even more love and strength to give to the little one. 

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