Winter nursery interior trends to get on board with now

It’s time to add a touch of winter home décor to your baby nursery room. Ready? Here’s the lowdown of the most elegant winter baby bedroom trends, how to create a winter-esque nursery and the best buys from The Baby Cot Shop…

  • Layered lighting
  • This winter will see people using a mix of lighting options to add depth and contour their baby nursery room. The trend, known as layered lighting, promises to inject charm and warmth into their room via lighting such as a bedside lamp, ceiling fixture, floor lamp and wall light. The effect? Illuminating the space with unique brightness levels, meaning you can enjoy different areas in the room with their own cosy glow. Intrigued? Try it for yourself instead of switching the main light on – trust us, it's one of the most underrated winter nursery trends 2023 has seen. 

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  • Shell décor 
  • While it might not scream winter decorations to you, crustaceancore is the home interior trend staying put. Making an appearance on kitchenware, fashion and jewellery over the last few seasons, it was only a matter of time before it became a craze in baby bedroom décor. Well, now it’s officially time to take inspiration from under-the-sea thanks to this ocean-inspired trend, bringing a lavish coastal touch to their nursery all year round. The brief? Bold and bright shells, fossils and marine creatures like lobsters, crabs, fish and octopus designs. You can’t help but love this trend. 

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  • Vanilla aesthetic
  • If you find white interiors bold and harsh, the vanilla aesthetic is calling your name. Get ready for soft vanilla-hued nursery interiors to bring a natural warmth to the snowy season. This winter home décor brings Pinterest boards to life in your home, merging neutral, vanilla hues with cosy décor and lusciously soft bedding. The idea is to transform their baby bedroom into a fresh, winter haven, choosing boucle, silk, cotton and faux fur fabrics to achieve the look. Trust us, once you start browsing for vanilla-inspired bedroom décor, it will become your new favourite hobby. 

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  • Nursery zones
  • With it being cold outside, this winter calls for more time spent in the home. Cue the trend of separating your baby nursery room into zones, such as a play area, reading nook, creative corner and a space for feeding, changing and sleeping. How to do it? Make sure the areas are completely separate, which can be achieved via a canopy, toy box or storage to mark the space. Once you’ve figured out how to use the space, ensure each zone is inviting and exciting – think cushions, rugs, bookshelves, children’s furniture and wall art. The benefit of this is that they’ll know what to expect as they explore each space, for example that a table and chair represents creativity whilst an armchair and cot signifies winding down and sleeping. 

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  • Dark wood
  • We believe dark wood doesn’t get enough attention – it’s elegant, traditional and looks oh-so-chic in a baby nursery room. And as winter is in full swing, it’s only right to put dark wood centre-stage in their nursery. Don’t shy away from it this season – it looks especially luxurious alongside neutral décor and regal, ornate furnishings, adding character and charm. Couple dark wood with indoor plants, dark blue or green wallpaper and boucle fabrics for a warm and contemporary winter baby nursery. 

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