Summer Activities Everyone’s Doing Right Now

Is your social media feed filled with takeaway picnics, giant paddling pools and BBQs? Ours too. To make the most out of summer 2020, here are the activities everyone’s hooked on right now…


Can’t go on holiday? Bring the holiday to you. Get the sprinkler, hose and paddling pool out and host a pool party with your little ones - they’ all love sipping on fresh lemonade as you play their favourite tunes. Or a glamping vibe more your style? A teepee tent filled with cushions, toys and blankets will help you host the most memorable evening outside. Surround your garden with fairy lights and create an outdoor cinema night too (you’ll need a projector, white blanket and lots of comfy seating options).

The Honey Teepee Set from The Baby Cot Shop is what summer dreams are made of. Complete with two star-shaped pillows, a mat and window, it’ll become their new favourite glamping location.


If you agree that making banana bread and sourdough was SO last month, you’ll be happy to know that summer baking is back on the map. And as we stay at home more, this summer will see homely baking trends emerge like lemon tart, cinnamon buns, cheesecakes and ice cream popsicles. Save some for us, please! Yummy.


Mums, this is the most genius summer hack out there. Completely safe for babies to nibble on and play with, simply put some Cheerios into a food blender and pour onto a tray. Add some of their favourite beach toys and voilà - finally a safe sandpit where you won’t have to watch their every move.

Whether you’re at home, at a friends house or in the park, the Berkley Bottle Holder in Blue from The Baby Cot Shop ensures you have their bottle on demand (post-sandpit play, of course).


During the peak of lockdown, children around the country drew beautiful chalk rainbows in their driveways and on the street. We love chalk art activities so to get in the full summer spirit, encourage your little ones to express themselves through drawing out games. Our favourites? Hopscotch, Checkers and Tic Tac Toe.

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