Why you need a stylish nursery

Human beings  are visual, and are stimulated by all things beautiful. We love to be surrounded by appealing decor or furnishings, more so when this is twinned with the feelings of pure love and joy that comes from holding a newborn.  For us life is more than functionality, the soul needs to be fed to enable it to inspire and create. We buy even more coats and handbags because they are beautiful. We love to adorn ourselves and our surroundings with beauty. Parents are also home lovers and thrive in a well prepared nest. The first thing we do when we move into a new space is purchase furniture, we don't buy just any old thing that would serve its purpose.  

  A stylish nursery pulls together all these intrinsic traits. A well designed baby nursery allows you to nurse and care for your precious baby in a beautifully prepared nest while fulfilling the longing that comes from being a parent. To make the nursery your own personal space (as well as baby's) follow these simple steps. Draw inspiration from inside of you. While it is tempting to get ideas from magazines and blogs showing celebrity style nurseries, nothing beats designing one that fits in nicely with your personality and lifestyle. This is where inspiration meets functionality. We love the personal touches of this nursery design....     Get inspiration from things you love. Love your Louis Vuitton's? Use them as a source of inspiration. We also suggest a fond childhood or adult memory such as a favourite book for example, heirloom item or family member occupation. Are you a Trend setter? If you follow fashion trends you can extend this to your baby's nursery quite easily. Stylish wallpaper from leading designers can be used as a starting point for your nursery, then build up from there.     Choose furniture that is not only safe and of the highest quality, but one that reflects your personal taste. Today's parents see baby furniture as an investment rather than a quick purchase to be checked off the list and therefore go for what they consider to be the best on the market. In some cases depending on budget and availability, it is best to go bespoke. Don't restrict yourself when it comes to choosing linens and even furniture. White is the most-purchased nursery but there are 8 other main colour groups to choose from. People tend to choose white because it is safe and you can't go wrong. If you want a unique baby nursery that reflects your taste and style- and you feel inspired by, step outside your comfort zone and go for what you really want.   Hire an interior designer if needed, or ask one for advice. A good interior stylist will be able to create a room with all the elements of style pulled together to create a fabulous nursery.     Please do get in touch if you need any further assistance; email: or call: 0203 371  7530 you can also visit our Design Studio page on the website for more hints and tips as well as more details of the services we offer.   We hope you have found this useful Emma :-)
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