Oriental Inspired Child's Room. Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is not far away and this year its the year of the horse. Thinking ahead to the festivities Chinese New Year brings dragons, fireworks and lanterns to name just a few, however before the celebrations are in full swing the tradition is that the house is cleaned from top to bottom in order to sweep away any evil spirits ready for the New Year to begin! In addition to that, the colour red is associated with fire and fire also wards away the evil spirits, hence the fireworks and the fire-breathing dragons. With that in mind we thought now would be an ideal time to  share some hints and tips of how to create an oriental inspired room. A retreat where your little one creating a inviting environment that they want to surround themselves in. Chinese new year is also known as spring festival in China and is filled with excitement and energy. Warm colours are energetic or excitable colours like red, orange yellow. To prevent over-stimulation we wouldn't recommend an entirely red or orange bedroom for a child. These colours will work well in playrooms. Studies have shown that people with blue bedrooms often get more sleep because of the calmness it elicits. Green is another calming colour that represents tranquillity and is thought to relieve stress. It is also a symbol of spring, representing newness and freshness. Red signifies passion, love, emotion and energy and will lift the pulse rate so is not considered a restful colour. When incorporating it into bedroom design it is useful to bare this in mind by perhaps only using hints of red with a feature wall or room decor/accessories. We love this wallpaper by   [caption id="attachment_1486" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Almendro Oriental Wallpaper Almendro Oriental Wallpaper[/caption] The soft pink against the gentle aqua background creates a striking, but not harsh contrast. This wallpaper is pretty enough to be used on a single wall, or on most walls of your little girl's bedroom or playroom. Still on walls, how about having some Chinese writing on the wall? A short poem, an inspiring proverb or your child's name and date of birth are some ideas you could use. Bringing elements of the outdoors this could be incorporated through pretty tree print wall murals, wall paper or artwork. Hanging paper lanterns add pretty décor to a little girls room and are available in an array of colours so your be sure to find some that match your colour theme. [caption id="attachment_1487" align="aligncenter" width="342"]Chinese Lanterns Chinese Lanterns[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1462" align="aligncenter" width="599"]Oriental Inspired Children's room Oriental Inspired Children's room[/caption] No Chinese decor would be complete without the presence of Bamboo! [caption id="attachment_1489" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Bamboo Bamboo[/caption] To the Chinese, the bamboo plant is a symbol of virtue, it represents the harmony between nature and human beings. While you'll do well to have pictures of bamboo or even wallpaper, you'd do better to have actual bamboo plant growing in your child's bedroom. In Feng shui bamboo is thought to attract luck and radiate positive energy. It is also good for purifying the air. Do remember to place plants out of reach of young children.  Actual bamboo stalks framed in a 3-D frame makes a unique and simple wall décor. Happy Year of the Horse!
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