Non-Pink Bedroom Ideas

I wrote an article for Houzz recently, and the inspiration for the post came from a client. He purchased a beautiful aqua rug for his baby, along with a pair of blue Sheepskin Baby Booties. I knew the baby was due soon but was a bit confused as I was certain they told us they were expecting a girl. I had even gone as far as being certain she would be named Elizabeth, don't ask, I have no idea why either. He explained that they don't like the cliched pink for girls. I have always looked with admiration at people bold enough to carve their own path and not follow the status quo. As you may have read, I grew up with brothers only, no sisters. It would appear my life was destined to feature only the barest minimum of pink because I now have four sons and no daughters. I think my mother tried to reverse the fact while I was growing up by taking the whole girly-pinky thing very far. I was a tomboy, I was dressed in frills and pinks and yes, I hated it. The truth is not all girls like pink. There are other ways you can define a girl's bedroom without pinks and frills, should your daughter march up to you one day and demand that you "unpink" her room, you can start here with some non-pink girls bedroom ideas. Learn Geometry If you don't like pink, and also can't stand the girly stuff, there are many ways to still make your daughter's room feminine. Its no secret that this year's theme has been geometry. The humble zig zag has been elevated to unimaginable heights. We have also been guilty of enriching the world with chevron or zig-zag designs in nurseries. Geometrical shapes traditionally have been masculine, but that trend has crossed over and can be found in any room type. People who hate pink for girls often (not always) tend to lean towards modern or contemporary design styles. Where that is the case, the geometry themed nurseries or children's bedrooms will fit in nicely. Think of it as streamlining or removing needless curves and fancies. In place of pink, choose two contrasting colours that are light and friendly. Yellow is symbolic of joy and delight, and with the geometric theme in this room, the result is a playful, modern room for girls. [caption id="attachment_2227" align="aligncenter" width="500"]by Susan Strauss Design by Susan Strauss Design[/caption]     Enclose with Canopies Canopies have a softening effect on any room, the softer or sheerer the fabric used, the more gentle the room appears. Other ways of introducing a soothing touch to a rugged room is to simply use soft textures. Girls are associated with gentleness, so think of materials that are soft to the touch like sheepskin, chenille or velour. These can feature as rugs, wall hangings and bedspreads and will beautifully decorate your non-pink girl's bedroom. Canopies come in different styles, from a simple drapes to curtains or baldachins. Either way your little girl will be thrilled to have her own little cocoon.

Tess Four Poster Girls' Bed

  Love is in the Details Nothing declares femininity like French furniture. The delicate swirls and curves add elegance and grace to the room, and this can be extended from the furniture to the soft furnishings. For windows, use a generous helping of soft fabrics like silks and sheers, layered over a smart roman blind. Embroidered bed linens also add to the beauty, and you can even have her name beautifully stitched in any colour other than pink.  

Graceful Detailing

Go all White

White denotes purity and innocence and is typically used in nurseries. It's such a delicate tone, you walk into an all white room and instinctively your voice levels drop. That's why we whisper in spas! A white bedroom will not be boring for a girl, but rather is quite transitional. You can add pops of colour and that can be changed easily as she grows up.

White Nursery, The Baby Cot Shop

Congratulations to the Pascall family who welcomed their little bundle, Eris, on the 16th of September.

Have you successfully created a non-pink girl's bedroom? Do share your tips!



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