Looking After Your Baby in the Summer

When you want your little one to be comfortable in the warm weather you need to ensure they stay cool. Babies can’t cool down in the same way that you or I can. It’s really important to invest in the things they need before the summer kicks into full swing. 

Breathable Organic Clothes 

Organic Baby T-Shirts

Their skin is so delicate and sensitive that you need to give it the chance to breathe. The problem is that it’s also too sensitive to be exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. This means that breathable fabrics are the best way to take the heat away whilst letting their skin breathe naturally. 

Water Spray & Natural Sunscreen

Mustela Sunscreen

Vitamin D is essential for the growth of a healthy baby, and the sunlight is the best way to generate it. When you do venture outside you need to ensure that you can protect your baby’s skin from harmful UV rays. A natural based sunscreen is the best way to do it. When you combine it with a gentle water spray you can keep them cool as the two of you enjoy quality time together. 

The Perfect Sleep for a Newborn 

Neutral sleeping bag

A light sleeping bag is a much better choice than a thick woolly blanket at this time of year. Some parents will opt for a breathable cellular blanket, but personally, we love the idea of a having a couple of designated low tog sleeping bags. They’ll allow you to keep the little one cool, and they also look pretty cute at the same time. What could be better than that? 

Every Toddler Needs Summer Bedding 

Organic Summer Duvet

With all this talk of new arrivals and newborns, it can be easy to forget that toddlers still need some seasonal help from mum at this time of year too. If you invest in a summer duvet for your toddler then you’ll be able to ensure they sleep right through the night without overheating. Ideal if you don’t want to be woken up from your well-deserved deep sleep. 

Preparing for the Summer 

The best time to kit out the family summer wardrobe is today. It’ll ensure you have everything to hand when the sun pops up, and it’ll mean plenty of quiet nights for the whole family. 

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