Katy Perry or Victoria Beckham?

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress, which means that you can almost predict what a person's home will look like, based on their personality. While we don't have unbridled access to the workings of the mind of our favourite celebrities- unless of course we happen to be BFFs, we can make mild assumptions based on their preferences in fashion. French Chic Nursery A victoria Beckham Style Inspired Nursery Victoria Beckham, the aptly named Posh is known for her smart, grown up pieces. Her style is very simple, yet elegant. Classic and at the same time trendsetting. Victoria's style is Victoria, we wouldn't really say she is predictable as she is so versatile but you'll recognise her pieces easily. She sets her own style and has nailed it as a fashion icon. Her style mirrors definition, almost angular which suggests she is organised and perhaps lives by routine. A VB style nursery will have all the elements of her style in it. Feminine, french chic and playful. The playfulness isn't seen too often in her style except when she throws in an unexpected pop of colour. As a mum of 3 it's hard not to be a tad bit playful. Get the look: For vintage french pieces, hand-rub the edges of your painted furniture with sand paper to give it a vintage look. Add moldings or stencil a floral wreath unto furniture. Use geometric patterned wall paper or a pop of colour on a single wall. Choose classic linens with tiny floral patterns. Add authentic vintage accessories to complete your room.   Katy Perry on the other hand loves her bright pinks and candy crush, bubble gum colours. Her fashion style suggests she is a free spirit and has no care about how she is perceived. She sets her own trend and follows it. And just when you think you've captured it, she makes an unexpected turn. Eclectic, unpredictable, attractive, comforting. Eclectic Pastel Nursery A Katie Perry Inspired Nursery A Katy Perry nursery or bedroom will have her signature stamped on it. This could be a few of her favorite things, she'll mix in the old with the new. We don't see her having an all-white nursery except she needs the serene space as a retreat from the rest of her home. White has that calming effect we all need from time to time. Get the look: Eclectic looks are not hard to achieve but care must be taken to avoid a 'noisy' effect. Choose pastels of the same temperature or hue. Stick to no more than 3, using one as a base and one or two as accents. Comfort rules over appearance in a eclectic room so incorporate soft textures via rugs and linens. Complete with a favorite item or two for accessories.   Are you a V.B or a K.P? For design advise or to create your dream nursery contact the Punkin Patch Interior designers for an appointment. Email: Tel: 0203 371 7530 Twitter Facebook  
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