Inspiration From...Burberry!

Burberry Faded Nova Check       If I had  a little girl, I would dress her in this pretty faded nova check outfit from Burberry. I would accessorize with white Mary Jane shoes and a white hair bow. Her tights would be hand-knitted in red with a herringbone pattern. Yep. The faded Nova pumps shown here are from our friends at, I just had to add them! But I don't have a girl, I have 4 adorable boys instead; so instead I'll get my hands busy designing a Burbery Inspired nursery. [caption id="attachment_572" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="Burberry Inspired Nursery"]Burberry Inspired Nursery[/caption] Because of my partiality to white and my love for the history behind Burberry, I'll combine the check with a lot of white or cream, to understate it a little. There's a reason the designers at Burberry hardly make their  macs completely in check, it tends to be made in khaki with the cuffs or lining in check, things scream at you if they are heavily patterned and you don't want an over-kill effect. Which is why I've used a plain but textured shag rug. The rich red colour echoes the luxury of the Burberry brand while giving your feet some tender loving care. Our most popular cot is the Contessa Oval cot as shown here, and we've used a simple linen bumper, smart and contemporary yet will work for a traditional home. The monogram lamp is handmade and bespoke, contact us to find out more. I guess what I'm saying is while designing your space, be it your baby's nursery or child's bedroom, think less is more. If you just LOVE a particular pattern, especially a bold one, pick a lighter shade from the pattern and accessorize with it, or blend it in. You can have your baby bedding custom-made with the trim and ties in your chosen fabric, just like our Burberry Moses Basket. Apart from the dress and shoes (sadly) all items shown are available in store.
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