How to Teach Your Little One About the Environment

World Environment Day is taking place on 5th June 2020. We absolutely love this annual day, which is a chance to celebrate our planet, be grateful for our surroundings and teach our children more about the environment.

Plus, did you know that from birth to around six years old, your child’s brain is like a sponge? This is why learning and development is so key during this time - it will shape their future, personality and skills. Here’s how to start inspiring them…

Go Out on Nature Walks

It’s time to explore! Having a handful of different walking routes will give you the variety and change of scenery you need - think lakes, forests, hills and parks. By changing your walks up every time you go out, you’re giving your child the opportunity to observe and learn about different plants, trees, animals and landscapes.

The Cream Plush Rabbit from The Baby Cot Shop is the perfect adventure buddy for when they’re on-the-go.

Read Them Books

Whatever their age, reading books to your children about different landscapes will spark their imagination, develop their listening skills and teach them more about the world. Pick books about rainforests, beaches, mountains and deserts for lots of fun during story time.

Our top pick? ABC Off To Sea book from The Baby Cot Shop teaches them about the ocean and goes through the alphabet in a nautical fashion.

Encourage Them to Recycle at Home

Of course, recycling is important for the environment but it’s a great distraction activity too, especially when you get your kids involved. You could decorate your recycling bins, make up a recycling song and teach them about the different products that can be reused. Getting rid of household waste in an eco-friendly way will be their new favourite thing to do!

Design a Nursery Inspired by the Environment

Happy Dreams Panoramic Jungle - Available at The Baby Cot Shop

A nursery with pictures, patterns, designs and furniture inspired by nature is a special one. Firstly, it means they’ll sub-consciously be learning and it’s also a great choice if you want a unisex vibe. Choose interesting wallpaper, environmentally friendly materials and educational toys.

We’re obsessing over the woodland themed One Hundred Acre Wood Map Wallpaper from The Baby Cot Shop right now.

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