How to spring clean your baby's nursery

It’s incredibly important to clean your baby’s nursery at least once a week to prevent them picking up germs as they crawl, play with toys or touch objects. As 20th March 2020 is officially the start of spring, it’s time to channel your inner Mrs Hinch with a thorough spring clean. Challenge accepted.

Wash all rugs

The rug in your baby’s nursery may not appear dirty to the naked eye, but your baby will spend a lot of time sitting, lying and playing on it, so it’s essential it’s kept clean. The good news? The Luna Grey Washable Cotton Rug can be washed on the cotton setting on your washing machine. Plus it’s the perfect gender-neutral addition to any nursery.

Vacuum the floor

Dust is constantly building up on floors, whether they’re wooden, vinyl or carpet. So give your baby’s nursery a vacuum to ensure they don’t pick up any bacteria whilst they’re exploring the space. Got a carpet? You could consider getting it steam cleaned so that all dirt is extracted.

Pay attention to the windows

We don’t always notice it, but dust forms on our windows and ledges. Sweep the dirt off with cloth first, then spray with glass cleaner and wipe with a microfibre cloth. Finally, enjoy a clearer view of outside - hello spring!

Don’t ignore the toys!

It’s so easy to spring clean and forget about the most important things – your kids’ toys. As they come into contact with these 24/7, washing and cleaning them is vital. The Plush Sitting Dog Toy from The Baby Cot Shop is machine washable at 40 degrees and super soft to cuddle during playtime and at night.

We love fresh linen

Rosebuds Embroidered Pillowcase

Now, who doesn’t appreciate freshly washed bed sheets? Exactly. That includes your babies and kids, mums. Even though you should be changing their bedding at least once a week, dust can form on the crib or bed, so we suggest giving it a full inspection during your spring clean.

Bookshelf glory

Does anyone else seem to find dust on kids’ books? Well, this is your chance to give those bookshelves a thorough cleanse. Take each book out, wipe its cover and back and then clean every shelf. We know it can take a while but trust us, it’s so worth it.

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