How to Have a Virtual Gender Reveal Party

Feel like lockdown has cancelled your gender reveal party? Don’t fret, you can still have the celebration and reveal you dreamt of, only it’ll be virtual – through a video app or social media (good news if you hate tidying up plates and deep cleaning the living room).. Here’s exactly how to host your gender reveal party online.

Send The Invites Out

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Whether you’ve already designed your invitations or are starting out now, you’ll be happy to know that this process will be relatively similar to normal scenarios. Your best bet is to send an e-invite or image via WhatsApp and include a link to the video platform (or for example, if you’re hosting on Zoom, the ID of the event for people to join). Looking for an app to design your invitations? We’d recommend Canva, which you can do from your desktop or mobile.

Decorations and The Reveal

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After the invites have been sent, it’s time to start thinking about decorations and the big reveal. Perhaps you’d like balloons and bunting? And have you considered a powder cannon or balloons in a box to find out the gender of your baby? Remember to also focus on where you’ll be going live from and choose suitable décor and accessories – it could be your sofa, garden or outside the house. During the lockdown, opt for online shopping platforms like Etsy and Amazon, where you’ll have heaps of choice!

Photos and Snapshots

Of course, photos hold sentimental value to mums-to-be, but even though your guests are on video that doesn’t mean you can’t take loads of selfies with your other half, capture stills of the reveal, have a photo shoot with your bump and get your guests to send in some pictures of them celebrating. You’ll love looking back on your virtual gender reveal party photo album in years to come. Top tip: get your virtual guests to send in a video message to your baby-to-be. How special?

Party Games

Hosting games on a video can be just as fun! Why not get all your virtual guests to guess the gender of the baby before the reveal and the date the baby will be born afterwards. Don’t forget to jot down the birth dates to see who wins!

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