How to Choose a Gift for a Newborn Baby

Gift-giving is one of those activities that require some thought, but when it comes to babies, can be even more difficult. The situation is made worse if you are not a parent yourself. Before you head out to buy a gift for a newborn baby, use these tips to ensure you not only present a worthwhile gift, but you also give one that will be appreciated for a long time.

Gift Cotton Clothing

Grey Mouse Cotton Onesie

When it comes to selecting baby clothes, opt for cotton and even better, organic clothing. Cotton is a natural fabric that is gentle on the baby's skin. In addition, it is breathable and will absorb any sweat.

Points to note when buying baby clothes;

  • Avoid newborn sizes and go for 0 to 3 months or older. The newborn size won't last more than three or four weeks, take away the time between birth, when you visit the baby and when mum gets to unwrap and wash the item and the item may end up not being used.
  • What will the weather be like by the time the baby is ready to wear the clothing? In other words, don't buy a six-month-old summer dress if, by the time the baby is old enough to wear it, it'll be wintertime.

Opt for Washable Soft Toys

Make sure the soft toy is suitable for newborn babies

Soft toys are a must when it comes to babies. Babies are stimulated by different textures hence we have soft toys in different materials like knitted toys to furry animals. Point to note when buying soft toys as a baby gift:

  • Make sure it is suitable from newborn
  • Make sure it is washable in the machine.

Heirloom Newborn Baby Gifts

Sterling Silver Pacifier Clip

This category of gifts tends to be given when there is a special relationship with the baby's parents. Silver baby gifts like our engraved pacifier clip, silver brush and comb sets or silver piggy banks are great as christening gifts, but can also be gifted when there is a special relationship such as a relative or godparents. This category of gifts is more thoughtful than practical as they tend to carry more sentimental value.

Looking for a gift for a newborn? Hop over to our newborn baby gift section on our website, or call us for advice. We are always happy to help over the phone.

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