How Should I Organise My Baby's Room?

When you first learn that you are expecting a baby, there are two things you instantly feel: excitement and some apprehension. Not necessarily in this order.

Many of us, women and men, never feel quite ready for the baby's arrival, especially when it's our first baby. The chances are, you won't feel ready because there's so much to prepare. From your emotions to the nursery and of course, your newborn baby's wardrobe, it isn't uncommon to feel overwhelmed. Parenthood is so full of surprises- you will feel like your heart left the confines of your chest to take up residence outside your body!

The one thing we are all certain of is that we will do all we can to be the best parent to our child and to give them the best start in life.

So, how can we cope this the fear of not being ready for the arrival of our little one? The answer is ORGANIZING, others might call it nesting.

The secret to an organised nursery room is in creating a system that works. Having a designated space for everything will help you feel ready. It will prevent the frustration that comes with looking for items- going out with your newborn can take as long as 2 hours if you are not organised. Having a system that works will save you the time spent in looking for items every time you need it. This allows you to focus more on creating memories with your baby.

The real beauty of an organized room is that it saves you time, money, and stress.

So here are a few things you can do to organize your nursery:

Map Out Areas

Your nursery should be arranged in a manner that's functional. While aesthetics may be important to you, remember that you also want a practical space that works for you. This can be achieved even with a small nursery room.

Sleeping Area: Choose a Cot Bed with Storage

Think about the activities that take place there. For most nurseries, it will be sleeping, changing and feeding. This translates into corresponding sections of the sleeping area, changing area, and feeding area, along with coordinating storage for each of these.

Cot Bed with Drawers
Kensington Storage Cot Bed

In the UK, most parents choose a cot bed as opposed to a cot. A cot is a slightly smaller version in the same design however it does not convert to a bed. It is still a great choice for smaller spaces. You may find that storage is never enough. You'd be surprised how little items for little babies can take up so much space. A cot that utilises the dead space underneath is a great choice. It allows you to store all sleeping related items- sheets, blankest, etc so that even grandma will find it in your absence.

Changing Area: Use Drawer Organisers

Storage Baskets for Changing Unit Drawers
Drawer Organisers: The Baby Cot Shop

A changing unit is designed for you to change your baby comfortably. They come in different styles from an open changer to a full chest of drawers with a removable tray. The nursery changing chest is versatile and will be used well into adulthood making it a good investment. Use drawer organisers inside the drawers to store the small things that can get lost easily.

Another tip is to label everything. Even as a super-organised mum or dad, you will, at some point, have someone babysitting in your absence and you don't want to come home to a nursery that they've turned upside down because they couldn't find a pair of baby tights.

Nursery Organisation Ideas
Drawer Labels: Etsy

Make things easy for everyone by labelling everything. This way, if you have someone helping you with the baby's laundry, for example, they don't have to keep asking you where to store it and you will know where to find them.

Other items that can be stored on the changing unit are nappies and toiletries. In a nutshell, anything you need should be within easy reach. Don't forget you can utilise the space above the chest with a wall shelf too.

The Baby's Wardrobe: Baby Clothing Dividers

Baby Wardrobe Organisation
Wardrobe Dividers: Etsy

Your baby's wardrobe should give you the flexibility to store hanging and folded clothes easily. They grow too fast isn't just a cliche, it's a fact. You will most likely receive gifts of baby clothing in a range of age groups from 0 to all the way to 12 months. Dividers are a brilliant way to section them by size. Although is tempting to hang only the newborn outfits, however, you should remember that babies grow fast. Give yourself more time and hang up all the baby’s new clothes and use hanger dividers. This way, you'll be sure to use all the baby outfits you have so that you don't leave some still in their packaging and never get to use them.

Feeding Area: Comfortable Feeding Chair

Comfortable Nursing Glider Rocker, UK
Have you seen the Salome Nursing Chair?

This is a must-have- if you've got the space for it. An upholstered feeding chair will allow you to feed your baby comfortably with the proper posture too. You can take things a notch higher by investing in the most comfortable upholstered rocking chair you can find. Place a stool or nightstand next to the chair, that way, you can have easy access to a bottle, book, baby's dummy or whatever else you might need.

Do you have any more organizing hacks you would like to share with us? Please comment below.

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