How to agree on the nursery design style with your partner

Are you finding it difficult to agree on a nursery design style?

I am reminded of Frasier Crane's father's hideous chair in the hit sitcom, Frasier. Frasier's impeccable design taste was modern/Art Deco and did not embrace his father's ugly, albeit comfortable armchair. In my opinion, that chair was an insult to the Eames Chair and CoCo Chanel's replica sofa, but I digress.

The green chair was the source of arguments and embarrassment for the pompous Frasier Crane. In many homes around the world, a similar argument is brewing or has started. What do you do if your partner's preferred style for the nursery is vastly different from yours?

The arrival of a baby is an emotional experience. Add to those pregnancy hormones along with the desire to create the best haven for your child, and we have a situation where arguments are likely to thrive. Here are some practical ways you can come to an agreement on how your child's nursery will look.

Modern Cot Bed

Ignore the colour of the nursery design.

Colour is one of the quickest points to clash over because it is so obvious. The first thing we think we notice in a room is colour. Consequently, we think the issue is colour. It is worse is the colour of the nursery your partner has picked is one that you can't stand. The truth is we don't always notice the colour of a room at first glance, especially if the colour is muted.

How about agreeing on a theme as opposed to colour? Choose a theme that you can both agree on and create that against a neutral background. Popular nursery theme ideas are animals like safari, farm animals or a single choice such as an elephant. Geometric nursery designs are also popular and not too thematic. Other design ideas include floral, fantasy such as unicorn and storybook characters like Paddington Bear or Peter Rabbit. You can then choose a colour from the theme you have chosen, for example, choose brown and sky blue from Peter rabbit or red and navy from Paddington bear.

What feeling do you want the nursery room to evoke?

Traditional Rocking Chair

This design direction will require some creativity and perhaps help from a nursery design expert. Most people want the nursery to feel cosy, but you can drill it down further to create a sense of nostalgia based on a period in your life. Alternatively, you can choose to have a luxurious nursery room using rich, opulent fabrics, an upholstered cot and plush rugs. Another option will be to create an air of playfulness using characters from a story with casual furnishings. There is so much you can do with your nursery design which will give you a baby's room that is unique and loved by your entire family.

Follow the design trend.

Nursery Colour Trend: Living Coral

This year's colour as decided by Pantone is Living Coral and the print that has stolen the spotlight is botanicals. We are seeing a lot of large scale florals, greenery and more. While some of the prints out there will be too heavy for a nursery room, you can choose baby-friendly versions from our boutique.

We have curated our collection of nursery wallpaper and nursery fabrics to be at home in the trendy nursery and we have pared pared down the designs to make them suitable for a nursery or child's bedroom. Following the trend does not mean you have to be rigid. Instead, use it as a guide and remember to add personal elements as you go. You can create a gallery wall of photos of generations of family members, for example. You can even repurpose your own crib or Moses basket which you used as a baby adding an heirloom element to the room.

Go ahead and Compromise.

One way to reach a compromise is to meet each other in the middle. Large scale florals on the walls become embroidered flowers on linens. Reduce a bold wallpaper to a border around the room. Soften a spartan, modern nursery with a natural organic lambswool rug, add a wool throw to the luxury rocker glider chair. There is always a way to agree on the final design of your nursery where Both parties will be happy. If none of these work, request our nursery design service and we can use our own creativity backed by years of experience to create the perfect space for your child.

Did you know that you can pick up free samples of wallpaper and fabrics are from The Baby Cot Shop? You can also view our wide range of fabrics in person at our showroom which is located at 408 King's Road, London SW10 0LJ

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