Decor ideas to prepare your home for Autumn

Dare I say it but the season is starting to turn, over the last couple of weeks there has been a noticeable drop in temperature, with it being considerably chillier. The nights are now slowly starting to creep in earlier too, it was 8.30pm when the sun went in last night!  Taking all of the facts into consideration I think its safe to say, Autumn is just round the corner!

Hello Autumn

However, instead of dwelling we thought we would celebrate this glorious season by sharing our top decor ideas to prepare your home for Autumn.

I love autumn Pillows & Blankets

As the weather gets colder more time is spent indoors as opposed to outdoors in the garden, cozy up your living room sofas & chairs with pillows in different shapes and sizes. They will add comfort as well as visual interest to your living room. If you have stored your throws & blankets away, its time to get them back out the cupboard but run them through the washing machine before you do so that they are nice & clean.

throws & pillows Rugs

If you don't already have a rug for your living room or bedroom I would invest in them, if you choose a high quality rug & care for it accordingly it should last years. Rugs are great as they help to keep the room warm by insulating heat. Incorporating a rug into your home decor is an easy way to add colour & texture to your floors without having to have your whole room re-carpeted.

rugs rugs 2 Lighting

As the days draw shorter & the night times longer it's important to have extra lighting around the home. Table lamps are a great way to instantly add extra lighting to a room without having the fuss or hassle of rewiring plugs or circuits. Some lamps even come with a touchable adjustable dimmer allowing you to choose the exact brightness that you would like. For your nursery & children's rooms a night light can also add comfort especially to children who are a little scared of the dark. As well as lighting lamps are also a great way of accessorizing a room, adding a splash of colour & design and with such a vast array of choice your be sure to find one that fits the colours and style of your room.

White Rabbit Night Light Bedding

Swap your summer bedding for a more heavy-duty down comforter and thermal blankets, choose colours with richer tones to compliment the season. For a more eclectic look choose throw pillows in bold colours in different sizes and shapes to add interest to your room decor.

autumn bedding Curtains

Swap blinds for curtains, curtains are ideal for the colder months as they are great as they block out the dark nights whilst helping to keep out the cool draft. You can buy a pair of curtains that draw closed together in the middle or opt for one big curtain that can be pulled right across the whole width of the window.

curtains Little Details

Other decor ideas to prepare your home for Autumn can be to incorporate scents. Potpourri made up of rich Autumnal fragrances such as cinnamon displayed in an ornate/statement bowl will not only instantly infuse your home with an Autumnal feel but will add stylish decor to your living room. Here is a great DIY tutorial if you wanted to have a go at making your own.

autumn potpourri

Have our decor ideas  inspired you to prepare your home for Autumn? What is it that you  love most about Autumn? For me it has to be the crisp morning air & the glorious rich shades you find on the trees  the leaves changing colour oh & pumpkin soup of course!

Happy prepping! Joanne
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