Creative Boys Bedroom Ideas

Like clothing, shopping for boys’ bedrooms can be a tad trying. You want to create a space that is all-boy, yet you want it to be unique and engaging. Where does one start? We’ve collaborated with our friends at Homify to pull together some winning boys bedroom ideas Start with Personality Start with your son’s preferences & personality. Is he arty? Does he love sports or is more of a cars and boats type of guy? Choose a theme that is based around their preferences so that the bedroom is an inspiring space.
Room Seven Mural ref 2000192 : Wallpaper by Paper Moon
We love the use of the USA’s patriotic theme in this bedroom. Don’t be afraid to use bold colours if your son has the personality that demands it.
Create Space “Boys will be boys” is a phrase that holds true. Boys are typically boisterous and at some point will require the space to drive their cars or fight with the imaginary enemy. Resist the temptation to pile in excessive storage in the bedroom, instead make use of dead spaces like alcoves and vertical wall space. Choose storage that can withstand anything thrown at it, and one that grows with your child. Colour & Texture Incorporate textures to make your son's bedroom a fun one. Choose geometric shapes and abstracts for older boys. You can then add fun elements like themed cushions and wall stickers which can easily be changed as your little boy grows.
Richmond, 1930’s Refurbishment : Eclectic style nursery/kids room by Amory Brown Ltd
Shapes & Patterns Geometric shapes last for years. Perhaps you’d prefer to create a neutral bedroom, not everyone wants a typical boy’s room. Why not go for a monochromatic design which makes use of various shades of the same colour? Grey is still very much a popular colour and light grey is seen as the new black. The neutrality of this well-loved hue gives you the flexibility to add or remove colours for a boy or girl. A grey room carries an air of freshness that will remain timeless for years to come. This is a great option if the room is a shared one as there is no overshadowing of gender or personality.
Children’s Bedroom : Modern nursery/kids room by Studio Duggan
Accessorise in Style  Accessorise your boys’ bedroom with wall shelving, carefully chosen rugs and custom made window treatments. Go one step further and decorate with elements of their hobbies whether it's musical instrument or surfboards.  Have you had success with decorating your son’s room? For expert design assistance or to create an imaginative bedroom, contact us for design advice.
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