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Today we are delighted to welcome Sarah Cole director of renowned paint and paper specialist company Farrow and Ball, to the Punkin Patch blog. Sarah will be chatting with us about choosing colours for your nursery or child's room as well as offering valuable advice about what  to consider when choosing the right colours for your nursery or children's bedroom.

  What does a Farrow & Ball colour consultant do?

Our expert colour consultants offer a service designed to give customers the inspiration and advice they need to create a beautiful colour scheme for their home. During a private appointment in the comfort of the customer’s home, consultants will discuss decorating plans and favourite colours, while assessing the space, light and architecture of the rooms. Using their extensive knowledge of colour combined with the identified requirements they can help to create a home that suits the customer’s lifestyle and personality.

  Where do you get the inspiration to come up with your colour palettes?

We take inspiration for our colours from a whole range of things including nature, places and people we know.  Some colours are inspired by shades we find at historic houses – St Giles Blue and Hardwick White for example were both found in beautiful homes. Our Dorset heritage offers much inspiration for our colours; one of our new greys Dimpse for example, is reminiscent of the colour of fading light at twilight. Strong colours like Charlotte’s Locks and our new pink Nancy’s Blushes are inspired by the colour of the fiery red hair and rosy cheeks of real people we know. In addition to these inspirations, we also draw insight from the changing ways our customers use their homes, and also consider long term trends in decorating, which helps us to form a colour card that is both beautiful and inspiring.

Farrow & Ball  

Are there any colours that you would advise parents to steer clear off when designing their baby’s nursery?

Deciding on a decorating scheme for a baby’s nursery can feel like a process that needs much consideration. You ultimately want to choose colours that you like, but that will also create a happy and calming environment for your baby. Classic neutrals and soft blues and pinks, such as Slipper Satin, Parma Gray and Calamine, remain popular choices, however nurseries can benefit from hints of bold colour too. Pops of Yellowcake, St Giles Blue and Arsenic are a great way to add vibrancy and playfulness to an otherwise calming scheme. Try adding them to pieces of furniture to keep the look subtle.

  Farrow & Ball   How do you decide on the Farrow & Ball colour names?

Our individual colour names are just as much a part of the colour as the colours themselves; as a result the colour naming process is both timely and meticulous.  A small team at Farrow & Ball work to develop new paint colours and often the story behind each colour inspiration also inspires their names. For example, Stiffkey Blue was the perfect name for our new navy, which is inspired by the colour of the mud found at Stiffkey beach in Norfolk, England.

Farrow & Ball   When designing a baby’s nursery safety is of the most importance, could you tell us what ingredients you use in your paints and how does Farrow & Ball adhere to safety standards?

All our paints are water based and eco-friendly with a low or minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content and low odour. Our paints have also been independently tested and approved to meet the Toy Safety Standard, so parents can rest assured when decorating their children’s nurseries and bedrooms or painting children’s accessories, toys or cots.

Farrow & Ball

Can you use your paint on furniture as well as walls?

Absolutely, our Estate Eggshell and Full Gloss finishes are perfect for adding colour to cots, drawers and chairs, giving a fresh feel to plain or old furniture. Painting the furniture in your child’s room is a great way to tie a scheme together or upgrade the overall appearance of the space.

Farrow & Ball Parents are often busy running around after the little ones & wondering toddlers with sticky fingers can wind up with the walls being covered in finger marks. Do Farrow and Ball paints come equipped to deal with such a scenario; can they easily be wiped clean? It’s not only important to choose the right colours for your nursery or children's room but also the right paint finish to suit your needs.  Our Modern Emulsion paint finish is a more hardwearing alternative to Estate Emulsion, however still retains the signature matt Farrow & Ball look. This durable finish is the perfect choice for children’s bedrooms which have a lot of wear and tear; it’s is completely washable, as well as being stain and scuff resistant. Farrow & Ball   What advice would you give to clients who don’t have any confidence in picking paint colours?

Painting is one the quickest and easiest ways to transform a room. When it comes to choosing colours for your nursery and children's room, there are no strict rules other than to choose a scheme that you really love.  Having said that there are a few factors to take into account such as the architecture, light, shape and direction of a room as these will contribute to the changing appearance of colours. Before making your final colour choice it’s best to test selected paint colours in the room. Try a sample pot on a piece of paper or card and place it in the room looking at how the colour changes at different times of the day. For ideas on beautiful colour combinations and advice on finishes visit our website –, or visit one of our many showrooms or stockists to see colour boards and talk to the team.

Farrow & Ball   Do you offer an array of different paint finishes if so what are they? What is the difference between them?

For the interior of your home, Estate Emulsion and Modern Emulsion are perfect finishes for using on walls to creating a beautiful matt appearance. Estate Eggshell and Full Gloss finishes include a level of sheen and are great for interior woodwork and metal, including skirting boards and furniture. Floor paint is also available in our 132 colours to help rejuvenate any interior wood or concrete floor. 132 Farrow & Ball colours can be used to brighten up the exterior of your home too. Exterior Eggshell and Exterior Masonry finishes are perfect for exterior walls, metal and woodwork, including railings, front doors and garden furniture. Farrow & Ball is also a specialist in traditional paint finishes and produces Casein Distemper and Dead Flat for more traditional properties and specifications.

Farrow & Ball

visit:  to view their colourful range of Modern Emulsion. Follow @FarrowandBall
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