7 Luxury Christmas Gifts from The Baby Cot Shop to Wow Your Children

2020: the year our little warriors dealt with a lot of change (#proudmum). So this Christmas, they’ll definitely be on Santa’s ‘nice’ list. And chances are, you’ll want to treat them to a gift that leaves them starry-eyed, so watch their reaction as they receive these luxury Christmas presents…

White Elephant Lamp

A luxury Christmas gift that scores top marks for practicality, the White Elephant Lamp is their new bedtime comfort. This adorable LED night light offers a soft, veiled glow as it calms the surroundings and preps them for a soothing night’s sleep. Plus, when it’s daytime, the elephant light acts as an ornament. The cutest Christmas present ever? We think so.

First Rocking Lamb


A sweet, modern take on the traditional rocking horse, the First Rocking Lamb will be their new favourite toy. Super soft and comfortable, playtime just got a whole lot more fun. Suitable from ages 3 and above, we’d recommend supporting them as they learn to rock on it. If you thought this Christmas gift couldn’t be more perfect, the lamb’s coat is removable and machine washable – bonus!

Mustard Teepee Set

Set the Mustard Teepee Set up on Christmas morning and watch as your kids jump with joy. In case you haven’t heard, teepee tents are massively trending this year and there’s no stopping them for 2021 either. They’ll absolutely love their new snug hangout, which will give you all those cute camping vibes. Featuring star-shaped cushions, pom-pom trimmings and a little lookout window, you can’t go wrong with this for Christmas 2020.

Donosti Navy Toy Pram

Looking to buy your little princess an elegant toy pram? We’ve got just the Christmas gift. The luxury Donosti Navy Toy Pram is a real classic, thanks to its carrycot made of leather and stylish white wheels. It even comes with a matching buggy bag, so they can store their ‘mini mum’ essentials as they push their doll or toy around.

Bedtime Huggie Giraffe

The Bedtime Huggie Giraffe belongs under your Christmas tree this year. Gifting them this toy will not only give them a new playtime buddy, but it also comes with an ultra-huggable blanket. We love multi-purpose luxury Christmas gifts that your little munchkin can enjoy from AM to PM. How adorable!

Cottage Nightlight

Children’s night lights don’t get more luxurious than this. If you want to treat them to a traditional Christmas gift they’ll use all the time, this is for you. Handmade and painted in England, the LED Cottage Nightlight is the epitome of elegance, thanks to its charming painted features (including window flowers, a doorbell and front door plants). What’s more, the cottage can be personalised with your little one’s name on this Christmas. Divine.

Classic Table and Chairs By Savio Firmino

This is guaranteed to wow your children (and you) for Christmas. Put simply, the Classic Table and Chairs By Savio Firmino is part of our high-end kids furniture range that doubles as a chalkboard – yes, your kids can actually draw on the table to their heart’s content. We could talk about it (and use it ourselves) all day long, but you’ll have to grab this luxury Christmas Gift yourself to truly understand the excitement…

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