5 Common Mistakes New Parents Make When Designing a Nursery - and How to Rectify Them

Got a baby on the way? Next on the agenda: the nursery. Whilst it may sound daunting, we want you to have the most enjoyable experience possible. So before you begin, make sure you follow our guide for a fuss-free mum mission…
Mistake #1: Not making a mood board
Solution: Get creative
Designing The nursery
It’s fun to get artistic, especially when it comes to creating a little haven. We highly recommend starting a mood board, which is the perfect way to visualise the nursery and see everything come together before you’ve even begun. There are a few ways to do it – you could create a Pinterest board, cut out images from magazines or even sketch it out yourself. Make sure you include colour scheme, fabrics, décor and furniture, maintain a realistic mindset (don’t save images of large nursery spaces if yours is a different size) and do some research into popular trends (we’re loving rainbow décor and Scandi Fusion vibes for winter 2020).
Mistake #2: Putting too much strain on yourself
Solution: The Baby Cot Shop Interior Design Service
Interior Design Service
Creating a nursery can be overwhelming, what with countless mood boards, baby prep and all those plans and meetings in the diary. But here’s your no-stress solution: The Baby Cot Shop’s Interior Design Service. With over 10 years of experience in creating dreamy, luxurious nurseries, we’re proud to offer mums a bespoke service that manages your nursery project from start to finish. Whatever your vision, we’ll be your helping hand through every step - consulting, creating mood boards, sharing samples, styling and fitting, providing tradesmen and ensuring your vision becomes a reality. We design nurseries, kids bedrooms and playrooms that are traditional, ultra-modern, themed or entirely unique. Find out more here.
Mistake #3: Matching key furniture pieces
Solution: Mix it up
luxury nursery changing unit
Mums often feel pressured to buy matching nursery furniture. However, we believe exclusive, premium furniture doesn’t need to conform ( and instead, it should wow!). Don’t be afraid to opt for different colours and designs when it comes to furniture because the main thing is that the room’s theme and your vision shines through.
Seeking elegant nursery furniture with a twist? You’ll love the Notte Fatata Changing Unit, Personalised Hand-Painted Modern Cot Bed and Classic Clothes Hanger by Savio Firmino.
Mistake #4: Going for look over practicality
Solution: Choose furniture that makes your (and baby’s) life easier
Cot Bed with DrawersKensington Storage Cot Bed
It’s tempting to prioritise looks during nursery planning, but it’s worth researching which furniture you’ll truly benefit from first.
The good news is at The Baby Cot Shop you don’t have to compromise on either. For example, you could opt for the Kensington Changing Unit that features seven drawers of storage, whilst the charming Wingback Rocking Chair ranks top on the comfort scale for feeding, story and bonding o’clock.
Mistake #5: Not thinking about baby mess
Solution: Go for products that can easily be cleaned
Inevitably, your baby will make a mess in their nursery (yes, we’re alluding to everything from bringing up milk to poo stains). So before you invest in furniture and décor, remember to check if the product is simple to clean or put in the wash. At The Baby Cot Shop, we know mums swear by washable rugs, which is why we stock so many designs.
Going for a galactic theme? The Washable Spaceship Rug was made for you. Or boho more your style? Check out the Azteca in Vintage Blue Washable Rug. Browse our full range here.
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