5 Amazing Black Nursery Ideas Worth Considering!

When brainstorming for colour schemes and palettes for your baby’s nursery it is very likely that black never crossed your mind, but with these designs we can prove it is worth considering. A nursery design with black does not automatically mean black walls and a dark space. In fact, you can use black and white bedding sets or black nursery furniture to introduce black into the space. There are many black nursery ideas that are cute, chic and functional. If you are open to the possibilities, or even if we’ve made you a wee bit curious, read on for a few suggestions. Try a black accent wall
Black nursery ideas do not need to be dark or dreary. To make sure the black in your design does not overpower the space try using black on one wall only then counteract that with much lighter colours. Even though this nursery design includes the use of black with an accent wall, it does so in a way that still allows the room to remain airy and bright. The complement of cream and green work wonderfully and the black wall is the perfect backdrop for brighter pops of colour introduced with accents.

Go for Classic Black and White

Photo credit: JWS Interiors – Washington DC, DC

We know it’s hard to think of black without considering black and white, but sometimes that’s not a bad thing. There are many ways to use black and white in a baby’s space that don’t have to be mundane. This black and white nursery uses the palette strategically resulting in a clean and modern black and white design. The walls are left white except for a small section painted grrey and black and white is introduced mostly with geometric prints – the area rug, the pillow in the cot and the zebra head hanging from the wall. A solid black chair with white piping and the white window treatment with thick black piping finishes off the colour scheme.

Go Bold with Black
Photo credit: Orange Coast Interior Design – Aliso Viejo, CA

As crazy as this advice may seem, it can be done and done well. Black nursery ideas can quickly go from creative to dark though so it’s always important to ensure that the room you have chosen has enough natural light to counter the effect of black walls as in this design. In this nursery, the tray ceiling and the walls are painted black but the focal wall is done in two tones to create some variation in what could otherwise be a very monotonous space. The ceiling to floor black curtains help to extend the feel of black all around, but this is offset by the large windows. The floor and the furniture are all white (except for the black and white cot which plays on the theme very well) creating balance for what would be an otherwise very black room.

Add a Pop of Color to the Black

Photo credit: Bravo Interior Design – Austin, TX
Adding an accent colour is generally a smart way to use black in a child’s space. In this black nursery design, the color of choice is yellow and it does a wonderful job of lightening the room. The window treatment exhibits great use of the colour scheme by pairing black and white curtains in a bold print with sheer yellow panels. The bright yellow chair and ottoman work well against the yellow panels while the black and white baby bedding also benefits from a pop of colour from the ribbon ties and accents. Use the Furniture to Introduce Black into the Space
Photo credit: La Casa Azul Design – Mission Viejo, CA

Sometimes using black nursery furniture is an excellent way to add black to a nursery. In this room design, the walls are kept neutral in a beige and black is added using the crib, the chair, and a floor rug in a black and white geometric print. The chair is made whimsical and youthful with yellow piping and yellow is also used in the bedding to give the cot a pop of colour.

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