4 Top Picks from The Baby Cot Shop to Celebrate World Oceans Day

As 8th June is World Oceans Day, we’re celebrating the vital role of the world’s oceans and how important it is to protect them. If you’re looking for some marine inspo for your little one’s nursery, you’ve come to the right place.

1 - Washable Fish Rug

Washable Fish Rug

The most gorgeous rug for every nursery (unisex or gender-specific), this is practical, cosy and eco-friendly. Buy this for World Oceans Day and enjoy it for years to come, thanks to it being easily washable and incredibly soft. Plus, it’s a playtime favourite amongst kids who want to explore the depths of the ocean.

2 - ABC Off To Sea Book

With a sixties feel and adorable images, ABC Off To Sea is a keepsake nautical book. It takes your little one through the alphabet, bringing to life all the words inspired by the ocean, like A for Anchor and D for Dolphins. They’ll be in awe of this.

3 - Happy Dreams Whale Wallpaper

Happy Dreams Whale Wallpaper (3 Colours)

We can’t get over how cute this nursery wallpaper is. Designed with little whales, it’s just the thing to add some character into any room. You’ll love teaching them about these wonderful creatures and seeing how inquisitive they are. And as you may be aware, whales actually symbolise good luck and creativity. This unique wallpaper is available in blue, pink and beige.

4 - Ahoy! Rocking Boat

This wooden rocking boat will soon become their favourite playtime toy as they seek out new adventures. Ideal for sparking their imagination, the Ahoy! Rocking Boat will make them feel like a little sailor (plus it promises to distract them for hours). Whilst they’re rocking in their boat, why not teach them about the sharks, turtles and seahorses they might encounter on their sail? For an extra touch, you can get the Ahoy! Rocking Boat personalised with your child’s name on.

Fun facts for World Oceans Day

1. Around 70% of the world is covered by oceans
2. The majority of the oxygen we breathe is produced by our oceans
3. There are around 440 different species of sharks
4. Turtles date back to around 200 million years ago (when the dinosaurs were around)
5. The deepest part of the ocean is called the Challenger Deep and is located in the Pacific Ocean


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