Style Guide: Vintage Chic Nursery

1st May 2014

What is our obsession with all things past?

There is something wistful yet comforting about nostalgia. Interior design as well as fashion styles have a habit of going full circle so that history repeats itself, and while it’s making the rounds we keep ourselves busy by watching classic movies and visiting museums.

We have pulled together some of our tips to help you create a vintage style nursery. These tips of course can be ammended to suit any room in your home.

Baby’s Storybook Idea

Start with something you really, really love. It could be a childhood storybook, an old trunk, jewellery or a black and white picture. Vintage themes can be ecclectic or harmonious.

In this example we have used the frame to make the picture and the picture to tell the story. All you need are pretty coordinating vintage-style frames and a storybook. Have them mounted and framed and voila! You can also use pictures of generations of family members if you are going for a family history theme, or your own baby pictures which will gradually be accompanied by your new baby’s pictures. This is also a great idea for playrooms.

Vintage Nursery Decor Ideas

Vintage Nursery Furniture

Transform your nursery furniture in one easy step into vintage furniture. This works with painted wood nursery furniture. Lightly sand down the edges and corners to reveal the wood underneath. We use this method for some of our furniture to make it look like it’s been in the family for generations, shh…!! :)

Lace it with glamour

Lace has that delicate, vintage feel to it. Choose lace curtains over cotton, use lace baby bedding too Our lace baby bedding is lined with cotton, and every part that comes into direct contact with baby's skin is also soft cotton. Add a lace canopy for extra piazzazz.

Venice Cot, Lace Nursery

Vintage floral fabric against a cream background gives a Shabby Chic look to a room. Combine that with cream linens and fresh flowers. Vintage rose fabric as a blind with cream linen drapes over it works beautifully well. You can also go on a hunt for a comfortable wing chair and reupholster it in your choice of nostalgia-evoking fabric.

Colour me Pastel.

Pastel porcelain is cute and retro inspirired. Use them as plant pots- outside of a toddler’s reach. You can place them on shelving along the wall. A handful of dried lavender in a pretty bowl will naturally keep the air smelling fresh. Use pastel teacups instead of bowls in the playroom. Pretty pastel porcelin containers make an elegant alternative to plastic lotion containers. Add quirky labels in script handwriting to finish it off. We found these chalkboard ones at Lakeland. A word of caution, remember to peel off the ingredients label and affix it to the back as well. This is for safety in case a curious toddler manages to get their hands on it and you need be able to communicate the contents of the bottle.

If you can’t get your hands on pretty enough opaque bottles you can make them quite easily! Simply spray-paint bottles with gloss enamel paint and you are good to go. Total time it takes is no more than 30 minutes, add up to 24 hours in between recoats. Plasticote has some yummy colours in lavender, jade, hot pink and creme de la creme. They are child safe too- very important to make sure you only buy child safe paints.

Have you got some vintage rooms to show off? Send us your pictures and we’ll showcase them here on our blog!