Product of the Month: White and Grey Moses Basket

Posted by Sophie Pavlou on 7th Jun 2017

Searching for a snug yet stylish first bed for your baby? Then this is the Moses basket for you! Ideal for both boys and girls, our luxury White and Grey Moses basket is designed not only to look gorgeous but also to provide convenience for brand-new mums. We, The Baby Cot Shop, our clients and even a mum-to-be author for luxury lifestyle publication The Sloaney love this Grey and White Moses basket for so many reasons. Here’s why:

  • It’s suitable in size

Small baby, small basket. For the first three months, our cosy little White and Grey Moses basket will enable your baby to adjust from womb to world in comfort and contentment. There is no doubt that they will feel safer and more secure in a smaller space, too.

  • It’s wonderfully woven from wicker

Light yet sturdy, wicker is an excellent material for Moses baskets. Mums will be able to move their babies as they lay comfortably in their baskets with ease.

  • The bedding and padding is made from 100% extremely soft cotton

Your newborn is delicate. Your newborn’s skin is delicate. Hence, cotton is the best choice out of any fabric for newborns. Made from the softest cotton, the bedding and padding is gentle as it touches your baby’s skin and will keep them cool. Also, cotton is non-allergenic as it is a natural fabric; you don’t have to worry about your baby developing any rashes or eczema.

  • It’s supplied with a mattress (L72 x W28.5)

The perfect fit for the perfect nap! Organic fibre mattresses are also available.

  • It makes a delightful gift

If you’re struggling to find the right gift for a precious little peach, why not buy our White and Grey Moses basket here?

Our luxury Grey and White Moses basket is made to order, so please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

  • Optional stand is available in natural or white-wash finish
  • Dimensions (cm): L84 x H77 x W44

Still undecided about whether or not to buy a Moses basket? Click here to read our guide and learn more about how Moses baskets make the ideal first bed for little ones.