Introducing The Windsor Nursing Glider Chair

20th Aug 2015

Upholstered nursery glider chairs have been an essential part of the luxury baby nursery in the United States for years but until recently parents in the UK were not able to access them locally. The upholstered nursery glider has several advantages over traditional rocking chairs. For one, it is more comfortable, luxurious and is designed to fit in with existing furniture in the home. The chair gives a gentle gliding or rocking motion and is designed to swivel to make reaching for essentials while holding the baby easy and safe. Another wonderful thing about an upholstered nursery glider is that it can be repurposed once the baby years are over as the design is versatile enough to suit multiple spaces – a playroom or even a sitting room.

The Windsor Nursing Glider featured Brass Detailing

 The Windsor upholstered nursery glider covered in leather (Worn English Chestnut) which gives it an aged look.

The Windsor Nursery Glider being offered by The Baby Bot Shop is made in Britain – a rarity these days – and is constructed from 100% genuine leather. The cushions are feather-filled, ensuring that the chair will retain its shape for years to come. The chair features brass detailing, a hallmark of traditional British heritage furniture.

The  upholstered nursery glider chairs made by The Baby Cot Shop are available in different colours of leather. They are also available in a wide range of other fabrics, which is ideal for those clients who wish to coordinate the piece with soft furnishings in the baby’s nursery.

The Baby Cot Shop believes in environmentally friendly products.

We stand behind this belief by using only ethical methods and materials in our production process. We believe in our partnership with our suppliers and a commitment to the environment. As such we ensure that the processes used and the workspaces where our products are made comply with British health and safety standards.

The Windsor Nursery Glider is now available from The Baby Cot Shop