Choosing the Perfect Moses Basket

Choosing the Perfect Moses Basket

14th Apr 2014

As a first time mum it can be quite daunting deciding on the right basket for your baby’s very first bed. Here at The Baby Cot Shop, we often get asked what the difference is between a Moses basket and bassinet. 

A Moses basket is a woven baby basket, usually made from plant leaves or stems. It may also be referred to as a bassinet in some countries. They are distinguished by the actual plant that it is made from. Palm baskets, Wicker baskets and Willow baskets are the most common. The basket is lined on the inside with padded fabric, a soft but firm mattress and a removable blanket. The removable, washable bedding is all fastened by ties or sewn into place. Moses baskets should never have any loose bedding, for safety purposes.

Moses baskets can last up until baby is 3 months or as soon as they’re able to lift their little head up, whichever comes first. If you invest in a Moses basket it can become a treasured item that you use again if you decide to have more little bundles of joy. Moses baskets are very functional in those early weeks as they are very mobile you can easily move it around with you from room to room so you can keep an eye on baby all the time, it also doesn’t take up much space and can be used next to your bed. Some baskets sport a foldable, removable hood, which could be made from the same material as the frame or in some cases made from coordinating fabric. Moses baskets also come with a handle either in palm, leather or strong fabric webbing. Here are some of our most popular Punkin Patch Designs…

Diamond Palm Moses Basket

The diamond basket is made from palm and being white is the perfect colour for either a boy or girl. The pretty white dressing is made from fine white Italian linens and neatly finished with swarovski elements. The basket is finished beautifully with scalloped edge detail and bow ties on each side.

£195 view Diamond Palm Moses Basket

Crystal Willow Moses Basket

The Crystal basket is hand made from willow and is elegantly dressed in fine white Italian linens and neatly finished with applications. Perfect for both girls and boys, it comes with a muti-functional removable hood which allows you to shade baby from the sun etc. The side handles are made from sturdy leather allowing you to carry the basket around with ease.

£220 view Crystal Willow Moses Basket

Leven Palm Moses Basket

This Leven basket is handmade from palm leaves , dressed in fine white Italian linens and neatly finished with heart applications. It has cute satin bow trims that match the same colour as the heart detail and trim, available in white with blue which is perfect for a baby boy, white with pink for a baby girl or white with yellow if you wanted to go for a neutral colour if your planning on keeping the gender of baby a surprise!

£196 view Leven Palm Moses Basket

Florian Moses Basket

The Florian Basket is handmade from woven palm leaves, the beautiful bedding and dressing is made from the softest 100% cotton. The inside padding surround baby in a small warm space while offering mum the convenience of moving from room to room with baby by her side. An optional stand is also available in natural and white wash finish.

£195 View Floran Moses Basket

Luxury Moses Basket

We hope this gives you some help with choosing your babies first bed, if you need help with choosing products or designing your babies nursery our design team is always on hand to help contact or call 0203 371 7530

Enjoy this beautiful sunshine!!!