Capturing those special moments together

27th Oct 2017

Every parent wants the best for their little one. Always. From the moment they learn that they are expecting, mums and dads-to-be start planning the life they will create for their precious baby. They look for handcrafted traditional pieces and the finest quality furniture to decorate their baby’s nursery, dreaming up a cosy and tranquil space in which to raise their little one. And once they have handpicked the beautiful furniture and lovingly arranged each piece, the final question remains – how to decorate the walls. From Peter Rabbit, to the Little Prince, to so many magical and inspirational children’s characters – one is left spoilt for choice!

Yet there is nothing more unique than a portrait of your little baby, cuddled up in your protective arms. Family portraits are some of the most personal kind of artwork you can select for your home. Lovingly created, family portraits capture the essence of the new family dynamic and the love that you have for your little one.

Family portraits are said to have a profound impact on your child’s sense of belonging, acceptance and self-esteem. Exposing your baby to a lovingly composed photograph of family bliss is sure to have a positive effect on their well-being. It sends the message that your family and those in it are important to one another, and you honour the memories you have experienced together.

Decorating the space above your baby’s cot with your most treasured photographs will allow her or him to spend hours gazing at the happy family that you are. As baby grows and develops, they will start to recognise the faces and feel safe and content.

Another fantastic way to keep your family photographs on your walls (and not just on your phones), is to display a few playful photographs above your baby’s changing table. This is bound to make nappy changing more fun and entertaining, and with time you can always remind your baby just how tiny they used to be!

The photographs of your baby with your family will be among the last things they see before fall asleep and the first thing they may see when they wake up. They say “We love you and we care about you. You are important.”

Isn’t that just wonderful!

Guest post by Diana from Diana Pavlova Photography, Chelsea based newborn and baby photographer