An Interview with Maurizio Pellizzoni

An Interview with Maurizio Pellizzoni

7th Nov 2017

Luxury Interior Designer Maurizio PellizzoniInterior designer Maurizio Pellizzoni has design in his DNA. Since founding his consultancy Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd in 2007, he has applied his Italian appreciation of style and design to a range of residential and commercial projects. Based in the Chelsea Design Quarter, Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd has many of Europe’s best suppliers and services on its doorstep and over the years Maurizio has fostered relationships with the most highly skilled builders, architects and specialists in the field. Personal relationships with clients are central to Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd’s work ethos. Maurizio believes that close, direct contact creates a better project. He will interpret his clients’ tastes and styles – rather than imposing his own – to ensure a unique and characterful end- result. And he’s equally comfortable working on a project from scratch, with an open brief and a blank canvas. Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd has created interiors for listed, period properties, new buildings, spacious country mansions and bijou townhouses in the UK and abroad. Maurizio’s aesthetic is inspired by the glamour of Lake Como, cosmopolitan New York, and daily life in London where he lives. He spent more than a decade as part of the creative team at Ralph Lauren Home where he directed the presentation of collections in London, Milan and Brussels. Aesthetic rigour and discipline reigned and Maurizio developed a meticulous eye for detail and a complete understanding of how to create a luxe interior.

Maurizio completed a BA in Interior Architecture at London Metropolitan University and is a member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID). Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd has received awards from SBID, the ID&A Awards, the International Design Awards and the International Property Awards. Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd’s projects have been featured in publications all over the world.

Hi Maurizio, tell us about yourself - where you are from and your life?

I grew up near Lake Como and come from a family who work in the business. Since founding my consultancy in the Chelsea Design Quarter ten years ago, I’ve designed a range of residential and commercial interiors in the UK and internationally.

What inspired you to become an interior designer? 

I always had a soft spot for beauty and design. I come from Italy and think this has a natural affinity, as we are lucky enough to be surrounded by so much beauty. However, it was only after moving to London and joining Ralph Lauren that I decided to go back to university to study interior design and turn a passion into my life.

What influences you? 

I can probably say that fashion and movies are what influence my design the most. From fashion shows and new movies we can understand where the trends are heading and I tend to be inspired by these for my new interior projects and designs. Travel is also a main source of my inspiration, from the glamour of Lake Como, cosmopolitan New York, and my daily life in London.

Who are your influences within the industry? 

Big Italian brands that present at Salone Del Mobile in Milan are usually a big influence, but I also love to discover new talent, as they’re usually the ones breaking some of the rules in the industry.

What is your signature style? 

I love to design modern, timeless and elegant interiors for everyday life.

Is there a part of a home that you enjoy designing in particular? 

I usually enjoy designing every room in the house as each one of them has its own use and characteristics that we need to respect. But if I had to choose one, designing a living room is probably my favourite.

What is your favourite project?

I love every single interior design project I’ve undertaken - each one of them is so different from the other. I put my whole self into them to deliver the client’s dream house and interior scheme. I have left my stamp on every project, my time spent from creation to completion, makes it very personal to me too.

What is it about London that made you choose it as a base? 

I initially came to London to learn English and I never expected to stay so long, it’s nearly 20 years now. After moving here, I slowly fell in love with the people and energy surrounding the City. In London, you can find inspiration everywhere and there is always something to do to keep my creative mind alive.

What does the future hold for Maurizio Pellizzoni designs? 

2017 has been a great year for my business. In the New Year I’ll be part of some new and exciting projects in addition to working on some more design collaborations.

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