Baby's first bed; Crib or Moses Basket?

2nd Sep 2013

With the plethora of first beds available, you’d be forgiven for being unsure as to where to start or what to buy for your newborn. From the obvious Moses Basket and baby cot to cradles, cribs and bassinets, the question is always asked; ''what really should I be using first?'' Along with the plethora of babies’ beds come a minefield of conflicting advice as to what should be used first and how long should it be used for.

First thing to bear in mind besides the functionality of each is the terminology used to describe each one. Very often different terms are used to describe the same item in different countries.

 Named after the basket of reeds used to keep Moses safe in the Bible, a Moses basket is a woven baby basket, usually made from plant leaves or stems. It may also be referred to as a bassinet in some countries. They are distinguished by the actual plant that it is made from. Palm baskets, Wicker baskets and Willow baskets as the most common. The basket is lined on the inside with padded fabric, a soft but firm mattress and a removable blanket. The removable, washable bedding is all fastened by ties or sewn into place. Moses baskets should never have any loose bedding, for safety purposes.

Crib or Cradle

A Crib, when used in the UK/EU English is quite simply is a small cot. It is also called a cradle. Usually, cribs or cradles have a rocking or swinging motion to help lull your precious one to sleep. In the USA a crib actually refers to a cot, so be careful when purchasing items abroad to use the correct terminology. If in doubt, ask for the size (which may then need conversion to metric!)

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