SnuzPod, Moses Basket or Crib, what's the difference?

4th Mar 2020

If you have arrived at that point in your pregnancy where you are filled with equal doses of excitement and overwhelm, we understand. When it comes to shopping for your baby, it helps to know what you need and why you need it before going shopping. Experts recommend that your baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first 6 months of life. This is where Moses Baskets, Cradles and Cribs come in. Read on and watch the short video at the end to show you the differences.

Moses Basket

Named after Moses in the Bible whose mother placed him afloat the river in a woven basket, Moses Baskets have been a traditional option from time immemorial. The traditional Moses Basket is woven from Palm or Wicker, Pal being the softer, flexible option. The wicker style basket have a more rigid structure along. Both Moses Basket styles feature secure, integrated handles so it can be carried from room to room. A safety recommendation is to always place one hand under the basket for additional support. Moses Baskets come with optional stand, which we recommend to avoid draught from hitting the basket. We offer 3 finishes of Moses Basket Stands. One thing to remember is that the Moses Basket only lasts for the first 3 months, but we have a solution to that!

Baby Bassinets and Cribs

Crafted like a Moses Basket, the Bassinet or Crib is larger and will last for up to 6 months. This is a practical option especially if you have the space for it to be placed next to your bed. The names are interchangeable but bassinet usually is designed like a basket. Cribs are also recommended for use in common family areas like the living room and if you are unable to carry your baby from room to room for any reason such as because you had a C-Section, the bassinet will come in handy. They have lockable wheels which enable it to be moved effortlessly around. Due to its size and for safety reasons, our bassinets are designed to be permanently affixed to its own stand. Like the traditional Moses Basket, our baby cribs come fully dressed and ready to use.

Rocking Cradles

This is also a traditional option. Made from solid wood and supplied with a mattress, the Rocking Cradle does exactly what it says as a gentle tap will produce a rocking motion to lull baby back to sleep. Available in a range of finishes and styles from the simple to the ultra luxury baby cradle, the Brittany Handcrafted Cradle.


SnuzPod London

New to The Baby Cot shop, is a practical option is designed as a bedside crib. You can align the base with your own mattress level and then zip down the side panel for easy and constant access to your baby. We love the fact that the main crib can be used without the stand and still rocks as well as its anti-reflux feature. There are optional accessories like the sheet set and storage pockets. The SnuzPod is available in a range of colours and usually dispatched immediately. It comes with its own mattress with the option to add fitted sheets. A popular choice and requires a small amount of assembly.

Watch our YouTube video showing the different options for your baby's first bed. Questions? Pop in to see us or call 02033717530 for expert advice. Remember to subscribe for more nursery expert videos.