NURSERY INTERIOR DESIGN WORKSHOP!!! - For expectant parents!

NURSERY INTERIOR DESIGN WORKSHOP!!! - For expectant parents!

Posted by Toks on 29th Jun 2018

Are you pregnant and nesting? Join us for a practical and fun session!

MK Kids Interiors has collaborated with TicTac Interiors, and The Baby Cot Shop to create a fantastic fun-filled, mini interior design workshop, for soon-to-be mothers who have the 'nesting' urge (wanting to create the perfect home for baby) and searching for an evening out to socialise with other mothers. Fathers you are more than welcome to join too, in which you will also have the chance to make your own garland that will coordinate with your chosen theme.

This exciting interior design workshop will take place at The Baby Cot Shop in Chelsea London on Thursday 19th July 2018, which will consist of two sessions that will each last approximately 1.25 hours each with refreshments provided.

You and your partner will:

- Make a mood board for baby's bedrooms with real fabric and wallpaper samples;
- Learn about combining colours;
- Learn where to shop the look;

We have a range of visually stimulating and tactile fabrics and wallpaper samples for you and your partner to choose from when creating the ideal bedroom or nursery for your newborn, as well as a enjoy the luxurious nursery furniture boutique where you will have the chance to browse The Baby Cot Shop range.

MK Kids interiors designs beautiful, nurseries, playrooms and bedrooms for children of busy parents. Tic Tac interiors designs and makes stunning soft furnishings for your interior design needs. The Baby Cot Shop is a Luxury Baby Nursery Boutique providing a range of furniture and bedding for your new baby, at 408 Kings Road in Chelsea.