Are you thinking of hiring a nursery stylist?

Posted by Admin on 7th Sep 2018

Thanks to Pinterest, there is no shortage of inspiration and examples for just the nursery you want, still, it can be overwhelming to embark on the project. There are a number of reasons why you may hire an expert to design your baby's nursery and  here are just a few:

1) Time. 

If you are time-poor due to commitments, a nursery interior designer will take on the project and you can carry on as normal. Designing the perfect space for your baby involves sourcing the right fabrics, furniture and room accessories that work well together by giving your baby's room the ambiance you want. It requires space planning for effective use- it is tempting to cram everything you like into the space but it may not be functional or space-forgiving. A professional designer knows what is needed in the nursery and his or her job is to create a functional, stylish space where you get to create the fondest memories with your baby.

2) Expertise

Perhaps you don't have the confidence to tackle your nursery and prefer to have an expert touch. A nursery designer with years of experience can become your guide to help you design your baby's first room. The designer will take into consideration your personal taste, lifestyle and existing decor and incorporate these into the design. Interior designers have access to furnishings that may not be accessible by consumers. This means that you are not limited by what is available on the market. You will have access to vetted tradesmen who will carry out the work to a high standard.

3) Creativity

You get to tap into the mind of another creative. Everyone has a creative side to them which is why you have your own worthy ideas for your child's room but with an interior designer, you get into tap into another person's creative side. No two designers are the same due to the limitless power of our imagination along with our unique personalities. By choosing to work with a nursery stylist, you tap into their's in combination with your's to create a stylish space that oozes serenity, elegance and whatever emotion your heart truly desires.

At the Baby Cot Shop, we offer two interior design services, a virtual nursery design service and a Full Design Service. Both services are tailored to meet individual preferences and are available regardless of distance since we will travel to the ends of the world to design a nursery. playroom or child's bedroom. 

You can learn more about the two options here, or contact us to enquire.