Andy's Bed? From Toy Story? In MY Room?

10th Nov 2012

andy-s-bed-toy-story-punkin-patch1.jpg Andy's bed is a dream come true for any Toy Story Movie or really any storybook lover. This designer children's bed forms the focal point of your child's bedroom. You almost don't need any décor in there, the wooden children's bed along with some broad anglais white cotton bed linen will do just fine and you have Andy's Bedroom from Toy Story.

Okay! So what's is it about Andy's bed that makes it so special?

Andy's bed stands out from any other wooden bed. It looks like a real bed and not some other cheap contraption designed to entice your child to their room and keep them there for hours, unsure as to whether they are supposed to sleep or play. This Handcrafted, wooden bed has exaggerated features, the sort your child sees in books like Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding hood or in a movie like Toy Story. Of course.

Here's a quote from Brian, the talented craftsman behind Andy's Bed:

"I want people to see the true beauty of the timber I choose.  I finish this furniture with a natural hand-rubbed wax polish that nurtures the wood, which means that it can be re-polished, and repaired easily if it ever gets damaged (Unlikely).

This furniture is made from Ash trees felled in the parkland of Shane’s Castle demesne in County Antrim.  It’s an ancient and beautiful deciduous woodland on the shores of Lough Neagh. This is not just selling furniture; this is an Irish tree that’s been carefully crafted into a beautiful bed. You are buying a little piece of Ireland."

Another distinction of Andy's Children's Bed is that it is made to go with any other furniture pieces, it forms the focal point of your child's bedroom and nothing else would attempt to steal it's spotlight. In saying that we have a matching bedside table that is just as grand.

And here's the fun part. Andy's bed is guaranteed for 100 years! Yes you read right. It is an heirloom bed that will be passed down to future generations. In a previous blog post shared about how we  redressed a 30-year old bassinet for a mum, her daughter slept in it and now her grand daughter was about to do so too. That is no longer a bassinet, that is a family history in the making.

There is something breathtakingly wonderful about adding nostalgia and dreams to our lives.

We can design and craft matching pieces like a chest of drawers, wardrobe and desk to go with this bed, please contact us for more information on this.