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Wingback Nursery Glider Chair
Wingback Nursery Glider Chair

A great choice for smaller nurseries, the Wingback Glider Chair provides comfort while feeding or cuddling your baby. The removable cushion is made from feather blend which creates a supportive seat with excellent resiliency. Shown here in white linen, choose from a wide range of fabrics or sen..

Price: $2,295.50

Cadogan Nursery Furniture Set
Cadogan Heritage Nursery Furniture

The Cadogan nursery furniture set is a heritage collection created to be passed on for generations. It is handcrafted with solid hardwood and ideal for the style-conscious nursery. The ends are upholstered and tufted in linen, available in a range of fabrics. The cot bed is also available in a ..

Price: $8,608.14

Marseille Cot Bed
Marseille Luxury Cot Bed with Gold Leaf

The Marseille Cot Bed exudes period charm and elegance. This heritage-inspired cot bed will suit anyone with a period or traditional décor style in mind. Made entirely from solid wood, the Marseille cot bed features sculpted legs and decorative hand carvings finished in gold leaf or silv..

Price: $4,064.96

Eaton Changing Dresser
Eaton Luxury Nursery Changing Dresser

The Eaton Changing Dresser is sturdily built for the practical nursery. Featuring doors and adjustable shelving, this non-traditional dresser allows you to flexibly store your nursery items. The changing tray is removable which means the dresser will carry on being ..

Price: $4,351.89

Eaton Cot Bed
Eaton Luxury Cot Bed

Our Eaton Cot bed is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a luxury baby cot with a modern design. This sturdy angular cot is crafted entirely from solid wood. Your baby will spend hours in this cot so you should enjoy the peace of mind that comes from kno..

Price: $2,869.38

Palermo Upholstered Cot
Palermo Upholstered Luxury Cot

The Palermo fabric upholstered cot is one of our many luxury baby cots. The vintage design marries tradition with opulence. The clean lines of the slats and rails contrast the scalloped design at the top and bottom of both ends and the curved legs. The use of luxuri..

Price: $3,658.46

Chelsea Luxury Cot Bed
Chelsea Luxury Cot Bed

Our Chelsea cot bed is a perfect blend of luxury and tradition. The Victorian-inspired design will be an excellent addition to any nursery with a similar design theme. The intricately carved detailing on the slats mimic the whimsical aesthetic of the overall cot des..

Price: $2,990.53

Windsor Leather Nursing Chair
Windsor Leather Nursery Nursing Glider Chair

Do away with the traditional nursing chairs and consider our richly coloured Leather Swivel Nursery Glider Chair. This nursing glider chair is sure to be a statement piece in any nursery that it finds itself. It is upholstered with genuine leather and enjoys detailed brass studding on the front..

Price: $3,507.02

TriBeCa Tufted Cot
The TriBeCa Tufted Cot is a heritage cot for the traditional or shabby chic nursery.

Our TriBeCa Tufted Luxury Baby Cot Bed is elegance redefined. This piece of luxury baby furniture will make a great addition to any room designed with a shabby chic d├ęcor or theme in mind. Handcrafted from the finest beech wood, it is both sturdy and beautiful. Paints used are child safe and en..

Price: $4,017.13

Athens Luxury Cot Bed
Athens Luxury Cot Bed

Inspired by clean lines of classical Greek architecture, the Athens Luxury cot bed is an excellent choice for a traditional and fuss-free nursery. Featuring architectural lines and molding, this cot true to its character will be passed on to the next generation. Like all our cots and cot beds, ..

Price: $2,869.38