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Nursing Glider Chairs

With our wide selection of nursing glider chairs, you will be sure to find one that makes a wonderful addition to your little one’s nursery. Nursing glider chairs can be comfortable feeding spots or they can function as a place to retreat and relax in comfort while playing and bonding with your baby. The Baby Cot Shop carries a range of traditional rocking chairs as well as modern upholstered glider chairs which provide a gentle rocking motion that soothes and relaxes both you and your baby. Our range of luxurious fabric options guarantees that you will be able to coordinate the glider’s design with the design of your nursery.  Choose to have your breastfeeding chair upholstered or expertly tailored as a slipcovered option. We also now offer leather upholstered gliders in a range of leather finishes. 

Optional ottomans are available with our nursing glider chairs. If you wish to coordinate and create a seamless design throughout the space, ottomans can be upholstered with the same fabric as the glider you choose. Our ottomans are an ideal place to rest your feet and a simple way of adding design elements (through the use of fabric or leather) to the space. They are a perfect addition to your baby’s nursery and work well alongside our gliders. 

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